Home Social Bindi Irwin Takes Baby Grace to Meet Baby Kangaroos.

Bindi Irwin Takes Baby Grace to Meet Baby Kangaroos.

After the death of Steve Irwin in 2006, his legacy was passed on by his family. Steve’s beloved children Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin are also conservationists at the Australian Zoo.

Recently a new member was welcomed by Grease Warrior Irwin Bindi and her beloved husband, Chandler Powell. Without wasting time, they introduced themselves to their little girl animals.

3-month-old Little Grace was introduced to a kangaroo joy group. Grace’s father, Chandler, shared a post on Instagram of his baby girl and her mother.

He captioned the photo, stating that they are taking their baby to the Australian Zoo to see the baby kangaroos. She said she would love to meet them. Before that, she met Koala when she was two months old. It seems that the kangaroo loved to meet the baby because of the little kindness. We hope she will love animals too as she grows up like her parents and grandparents.

Baby Grace meets baby kangaroos.
image credits : chandlerpowell

The Irwin family has always shared their time with the public as conservationists. However, Bindi had recently said that he hopes to take a break from social media. She said she hopes to get some time from the public as she wants to spend time with her family and loved ones. And she had expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to share their work with you, but that she needed some time to spend with her family. If that happens, you can always find out about them via Chandler’s Instagram.

She’d also met a Koala before.

Baby Grace meeting a Koala
image credits : chandlerpowell

They had decided to start a bird garden for their daughter.

Grace's bird garden
image credits : chandlerpowell

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