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Bindi Irwin Has Removed Herself From Social Media After Admitting That Her Grandfather Ignores Her Family.

Bindi Irwin has said she’ll be taking a social media break after her Father’s Day post revealed far more than she probably intended.

Bindi started it all this weekend with a Social media post celebrating three key fathers in her life: her father, Steve Irwin; her father-in-law, Chris Powell; and her own husband, Chandler Powell.

Bindi started off by praising her own father.

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Bindi penned, “This is a thank-you note to the three most amazing fathers in my life. My father, my husband, and my father-in-law. My father taught in me the value of perseverance in standing up for what I believe in, as well as empathy for all lifeforms.”

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She went on to say, “Every day, my husband amazes me with his kind and unwavering heart, and his love for our daughter is limitless. My father-in-law works tirelessly for his family and is always willing to lend a helping hand. “

“These extraordinary gentlemen motivate me and I love them so very much.”

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Following that, a fan asked about Bindi’s grandfather, Bob Irwin. On her father’s side, Bob is Bindi’s grandfather. Unfortunately, Bindi said she doesn’t have much of a relationship with the well-known naturalist and conservationist.

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In fact, it appears that Bob has no contact with Bindi or her family:

“He’s returned gifts I’ve sent him after he’s opened them, he has disregarded my correspondence, and he has ignored me since I was a little girl, preferring to spend his time doing anything other than being with me.”

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She also stated that she had to end the relationship for her own health:

“He has never said anything nice to me personally. It pains me to say this, but being in an abusive relationship is not healthy.”

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Bindi has said that she will be staying away from social media for an indeterminate period of time since leaving the comment. “I’m taking a month off from social media and much of my job in the public spotlight to be with my beautiful kid and my great family,” she wrote.

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Amanda French, who assisted Bob Irwin in the writing of his autobiography, The Last Crocodile Hunter, has slammed Bindi’s claims. “He has nursed me through some bad moments in my life, and had my back through thick and thin,” Amanda told Australian publications.

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She further claims that Bindi and her family are the ones who have rejected Bob:

“He is grieving for the death of his family, unbeknownst to you and what you know… He’s tried everything he knows, even burying his head in the sand, because that’s how he copes.”

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