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Baby Is Born With A Tail Complete With A Fleshy Ball At The End

We are all unique in our own ways, and the human body is no exception. In the same breath, it is both incredibly resilient and extremely fragile. Because of this, even the tiniest of defects in the womb may lead to major abnormalities in the child’s development after birth. Some abnormalities may be handed on from generation to generation. There are a surprising number of individuals who have unusual bodily parts, whether or not they have been kept.

Our forefathers possessed and employed some kind of tail. This is a prevalent belief among many people. However, as a species, we have progressed beyond the need for such an organ. That is why the vast majority of us no longer produce it. We at Viraltrendzs came across an extremely uncommon case of a baby born with a tail, and we thought of sharing it with you all. There was a weird 4cm-wide fleshy ball at the end of the tail that protruded from the baby’s left buttock, and the tail itself was around 12cm in length.

When the doctors at the Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in Fortaleza, Brazil, discovered the fleshy ball and chain, they were taken aback by what they saw. Eventually, they were able to surgically remove the fleshy ball and chain from the baby’s body. In the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports, you may find more information on the birth and the following surgery. It also includes intriguing photographs of the appendage as well as an explanation of how it came to exist.

Wow, what a pleasant shock!

We all have had tails while we were in our mother’s wombs. It’s reabsorbed into the body in most instances within a few weeks after delivery.

image credits : Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports

However, this does not occur in the vast majority of instances, and the tail continues to expand.

Additionally, Brazilian physicians determined that this child’s tail had neither cartilage nor bone, indicating that it was a “true human tail” and one of just 40 such specimens ever discovered. According to the publication, this specific tail was first documented in a journal in the nineteenth century.

image credits : Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports

Despite the fact that the baby was born 35 weeks early, there were no significant developmental problems with the child. Although multiple efforts had been made, the tail had not been spotted before the child’s birth. However, an ultrasound check subsequently revealed that the tail was not connected to the child’s nervous system. Doctors were able to successfully remove it as a result. However, it isn’t clear whether the infant was in discomfort or if the parents of the baby had requested that the tail be removed.

image credits : Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports

Afterward, an analysis revealed that the bаll was composed of fаt and embryonic connective tissue, whereas the tаil itself was composed solely of boneless tissue. According to the journal article, the real humаn tаil is а “rare congenitаl аnomаly,” and the science behind why certain embryonic tаils are not reаbsorbed is not entirely known.

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