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Awe-inspiring Images Of Miniature Harvest Mice In Tulips

If you are interested in macro photography, you may have come across images of animals that have been photographed at an extreme close-up scale. However, have you seen the cute photographs of little harvest mice enjoying a great time in tulips?

Photographer Miles Herbert has shot these endearing images of harvest mice among flowers. Captivelight, the photography studio owned by Miles, is located in the Liberty’s Centre Ringwood in England. In the studio, they also offer photography workshops for anyone who wants to learn how to take better pictures of animals. Unless otherwise stated, the adorable tiny harvest mice seen in the images were reared in captivity, and the photos were shot at the studio.

More info & Photo courtesy: Miles Herbert / Captivelight | Facebook | Flickr


According to Miles, they provide a service for wildlife photographers looking to get eye-catching images. Because they work in an indoor studio that was specifically designed for this purpose, he had also said that they were not dependent on the weather. And as for the mice, there is no need to be concerned since, after they have reached adulthood and are robust enough, they will be released into a nature preserve. You could wonder whether the tulips will be able to withstand the weight of these mice.


Although the stems of the tulips aren’t very sturdy, they’re robust enough to keep these adorable tiny 2-3-inch-long critters in place. The tails also serve as a counterweight. Aside from that, Miles said that it was enjoyable to watch these tiny fellas go about their business. It has also been said that they like the scent of pollen and that this leads them to feed on the stamens found within the flower. In addition, these adorable creatures doze off after they’ve entered the flower’s nectar. If you’d want to participate in his Harvest Mouse Macro Workshops, you may visit his studio and shoot them personally, or you can check out his website for additional information.

















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