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Australian Farmer Pays Tribute To His Aunt By Arranging Sheep In The Shape Of A Heart. So Satisfying To Watch.

An Australian farmer did this amazing piece of work to pay tribute to his aunt who passed away due to Cancer. He couldn’t visit her funeral due to covid-19 restrictions. So he arranged his sheep to a shape of a heart.

The Australian farmer, Ben Jackson said that he was unable to travel from New South Wales to Brisbane to see his aunt Debby during her last days of fighting cancer. The Guardian reported, that the Australian farmer Ben spread grain in the shape of a heart and let the sheep follow the pattern.

He said to BBC News that he did not have any possibility to go and check on her. Also, he said, “So, I felt hopeless, helpless — I didn’t really know what to do. But because I was doing a bit of feeding already, I just decided to do a massive heart in the ground, which in all earnest, pales in comparison to hers.”

The video was taken from a drone and is shown in front of the funeral during the service.

Australian Farmer Pays Tribute To His Aunt By Arranging Sheep In The Shape Of A Heart
Image: Upi.com

Ben Jackson used to make shapes with his sheep as a hobby during the first days of the pandemic which he shared his satisfying creations with his aunt. He met his aunt in May before lockdown.

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