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Japanese Artist Creates Lifelike Balloon Animals

In many people’s minds, balloon twisters are nothing more than carnival-style performers for young audiences. The reason for this is that we constantly see them standing by, ready to whip out a few hats, swords, and animals on the spur of the moment. However, balloon art may be quite difficult to master.

One of the world’s most delicate, yet extremely brittle, materials, balloons, is the focus of Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto’s work. Balloons continue to be twisted and transformed by him into magnificent sculptures. His gallery of accurately depicted and meticulously crafted balloon animals demonstrates the vast aesthetic potential of the ancient craft.

Arts and crafts are particularly appealing to Viraltrendzs because of their variety. As a result, we’d like to share some of Matsumoto’s breathtaking masterpieces with you. Hopefully, they will leave an impression on you in the same way that they did on us.

More info & image courtesy: isopresso_balloon

#1 Proboscis monkey

Interestingly, the artist makes each and every one of his creations solely with balloons. He just uses his hands to complete each sculpture, and no additional art materials or sculpting assistance are used in the creation process. Each balloon animal is made much more impressive by the lack of glue, markers, pencils, and seals, which comes as a pleasant surprise to the viewer.

#2 Cobra

#3 House fly

#4 Jumping spider

#5 Snail

#6 Tarsier

#7 Seahorse

#8 Armored searobin

#9 Clear-winged moth

#10 Black crowned crane

#11 Ferret

#12 Red-eyed treefrog

#13 Quokka

#14 Sun conure

#15 Bullfinch

#16 Dolphin

#17 Morpho butterfly

#18 Blobfish

#19 Rabbit

#20 Hedgehog

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