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As Tensions Escalate, Satellite Photos Show North Korea’Renovating Nuclear Facilities.’

And North Korea has continued to develop nuclear weapons while accusing the US of using double standards in military actions and pursuing a hostile strategy. According to new satellite photos, the Yongbyon Nuclear Research Facility is being refurbished, indicating Kim Jong-un is prepared to ramp up production. The 5-megawatt reactor, which could expand North Korea’s nuclear stockpile by 25%, is said to have been turned off since 2018. North Korea and South Korea both test-fired ballistic missiles on September 15, the latest development in an arms race in which both countries have been building increasingly advanced weaponry.

Satellite images of the Yongbyon Nuclear Research Facility show it is being renovated
Image Courtesy: Edition

On the other hand, the US has criticized the North Korean test as a danger to neighboring nations while ignoring Seoul’s submarine-launched ballistic missile test (SLBM).

International Affairs Analyst Kim Myong Chol claimed the US has “stirred up a tremendous uproar” by portraying North Korea’s activities as “threats to international peace and security” in an essay published by the official KCNA news agency.

“As well, terming them armed provocations timed to a certain day and aimed at a specific target, it criticized those actions that are part of our right to self-defense,” Chol added.

North Korea and South Korea both test-fired ballistic missiles
Image Courtesy: NewsBreak

“This arrogant and self-righteous answer is a clear revelation of the American-style double-dealing mindset, which has gone past the limit today.”

He also blamed the United States for the impasse that has prevented the resumption of talks to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear and missile arsenals in exchange for sanctions relief.

“Even if contacts and discussions are initiated today, it is clear that the United States would elevate the double-dealing yardstick by which it will label our acts of self-defense threats’ to world peace and its friends,” he continued.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un lashed out at South Korea
Image Courtesy: Toquoc

His remarks echo those made on Wednesday by Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong-influential un’s sister, who slammed South Korea for criticizing the North’s “regular defense actions” while building its missiles. North Korea has continuously improved its weapons systems, boosting the stakes for the talks between Kim Jong Un and former US President Donald Trump, which began in 2018 but have been delayed since 2019.

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