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Artist Uses AI To Create Realistic Portraits Of Historical Characters

When it comes to historical figures like Nefertiti and Cleopatra, who isn’t fascinated about their real-life appearances? It might be hard for you to trust Bas Uterwijk, but he might be able to give you a good guess. The Dutch photographer and digital artist employ complex neural network reconstructions to create breathtaking artificial intelligence realistic portraits of historical figures. Several of his most recent additions to the ongoing series transport viewers to a number of historical periods, including ancient Egypt, Renaissance Europe, and Europe in the eighteenth century.

For these pictures, Uterwijk uploads multiple images of the person’s resemblance to the artificial intelligence programs that are used to construct them. This process is repeated until he is pleased with how the software works. Networks that use “Deep Learning” have been trained on thousands of images of human faces. Uterwijk says that the models can also construct near-photorealistic persons from scratch, or match inputted faces into a “Latent Space” that contains all of the model’s knowledge.

More info & image courtesy : basuterwijk | Instagram | Twitter

Bas Uterwijk, a Dutch artist, utilizes artificial intelligence to produce realistic portraits of historical characters.

#1 Nefertiti

He believes that throughout the course of many years, the human face has remained mostly unchanged. People who lived in the past certainly resembled us in many ways, except for their haircuts and cosmetics. However, we are used to viewing them in the frequently distorted styles of pre-photographic art forms.

#2 Cleopatra

On top of digitally reimagining historical figures like Tutankhamun and Elizabeth I in realistic portraits, he has also altered iconic artwork like Michelangelo’s David and Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. As photography transformed the shape of classical painting, he believes that artificial intelligence-based approaches will begin to influence and inspire art and (post-)photography in the same way that photography did. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at a lightning speed, with implications for almost every facet of our society.

#3 Tutankhamun

#4 Akhenaten

#5 Fayum Mummy Portrait

#6 Fayum Mummy Portrait

#7 Fayum Mummy Portrait

#8 Queen Tia

#9 Idia

#10 Jesus (based on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”)

#11 Mona Lisa

#12 Michelangelo’s “David”

#13 Aphrodite

#14 Apollo

#15 William Shakespeare’s Juliet Capulet

#16 Judith Leyster

#17 Elizabeth I

#18 Vincenzo Catena’s “Portrait of a Young Man”

#19 Sandro Botticelli’s “Portrait of a Young Man Holding a Roundel”

#20 Farmer from “Laren” by Martinus Van Regteren Altena

#21 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

#22 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

#23 Sofonisba Anguissola

#24 Isabella Brant

#25 Lilith

#26 Mary Shelley

#27 Anne Lister

#28 Doomguy

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