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Ancient Romeo and Juliet : The Lovers of Valdaro

A Neolithic burial site was discovered by an archeological team in the Italian town of Valdaro on February 11, 2007. While excavating this burial site, the crew unearthed two human remains. The couple which is also called the lovers of Valdaro is said to have perished while looking into one another’s eyes and embracing one another. Could they be the skeletons of real-life Romeo and Juliet?

Image credit: Gerard Van der Leun 

In accordance with accounts, the bones unearthed belonged to a man and a woman, respectively. They were estimated to be between the ages of 20 and 5’2″ (157 cm) tall when they died. The skeleton of the guy was uncovered with an arrowhead made of flint near his neck, according to archaeologists. When the female’s pelvis was examined, it was found to have two flint knives underneath it, as well as one on her thigh. According to the results of the osteological analysis, there was no evidence of brutal death. So it is very plausible to suppose that the flint tools were buried with the couple as burial artifacts.

Their Embrace Has a 6,000-Year History, which is Incredible!

Their Embrace Amazingly Goes Back 6,000 Years
Image credits : Dagmar Hollmann

Consequently, to put it plainly, the cuddling stance of the bodies is rather interesting… Experts believe that they weren’t dead by accident since they were found in an old burial cemetery. Rather, it is considered that they were put in that position by someone else.

Furthermore, multiple graves were very unusual throughout the Neolithic era, highlighting the significance of this burial site. There were 30 more graves identified in the area. In contrast, all of the other graveyards included just single burials. This is the sole occasion in Northern Italy when two people were buried in the same grave. No wonder the media released so many images of them when they were discovered, leading to international excitement.

image credits : Dagmar Hollmann

What Caused the Death of the Young Couple?

Luca Bondioli, an Archaeologist at Rome’s National Prehistoric and Ethnographic Museum gave his thoughts in an interview about this find. According to him, it is quite uncommon for two young individuals to die at the same moment. And that makes us curious about why and who they were, but figuring that out will be a challenge.

Elena Maria Menotti, an archaeologist, conducted the excavation. As she points out, defining anything about them in such a short period of time as they were discovered just 10 years ago is quite difficult. A lengthy procedure in which each bone will be examined in detail will be required to complete the task at hand.

But there’s one thing that’s for certain. It is quite uncommon for two young people to pass away at the same time and be buried in this manner, but it did happen. It is as a consequence of this that many people have hypothesized about the Romeo and Juliet theory, which involves two star-crossed lovers dying in one another’s embrace.

Having said that, there does seem to be some backing for the notion, even if it may sound a little far-fetched. The city of Mantua, near where the gravesite was uncovered, is where Romeo is banished after killing Tybalt in a swordfight in Shakespeare’s classic play. Romeo has a dream in which he dies but is brought back to life by Juliet’s kiss. After dreaming this, he becomes fearful and flees his exile to Verona. In this scene, he learns that Juliet has died, and the remainder of the tale is well-known to everyone by this point.

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