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Ancient ‘GATES OF HELL’ uncovered and anyone who comes too close to it will be killed. Why?

The ancient Greek temple, known as the “Gates of Hell” is shrouded in mystery following a series of unexplained deaths.

According to media stories, for many years, every animal or bird that came close to the temple’s doorway died. Some believe that the poisonous breath of Hades, the ancient Greek deity of the underworld, killed them.

According to mythology, people were said to have died if they approached the Gates of Hell in ancient Greece and Rome.

Scientists currently assume that the unexplained deaths around many shrines in the ruins of the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis are due to a deadly quantity of carbon dioxide. The latest study’s findings were published in the Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences journal.

It is known that this location was mentioned by the great Greek historian and geographer Strabo decades before the birth of Christ, who said that entering the gateway was fatal.

“This area is filled with steam, which is so thick and dense that you can scarcely see the ground through it,” Strabo wrote. Any animal that enters will die immediately.

“I threw the sparrows there, and they let out their last breath and died on the spot.”

While this may appear to be another mystical nonsense like Indiana Jones, the unexplained phenomena appears to be a genuine risk that has to be carefully investigated. After all, birds have perished an immediate death in this location, and this has happened in the past.

Archaeologists found a cave with Ionic semi-columns among the ruins. Inscriptions dedicated to other gods of the underworld — Pluto and Kore – were found on them.

“We witnessed the damaging properties of this cave during excavations,” said Italian archaeologist Francesco D’Andria in an interview with Discovery News. When birds tried to confront the heated holes leading to the grotto, they died. The carbon dioxide fumes killed them almost quickly.

Small birds were also handed to pilgrims arriving at the location, according to D’Andria, to persuade them of the terrible power of this mystery cave.

Under the impact of poisonous vapors, the clergy who used to sacrifice bulls here to the deity Pluto were believed to have had crazy hallucinations.

The investigation revealed sources of elevated carbon dioxide concentrations, according to Professor Hardy Pfanz of the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany.

He thinks the grotto is right over the Badadag fault line, which might allow poisonous gases from the earth’s crust to escape.

“The quantity of carbon dioxide in the cave beneath the Temple of Pluto was fatal,” according to the study report. It increased to 91 percent. The fact that these fumes are still emitted at levels that kill insects, birds, and mammals is astounding.

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