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An Unusual Agate Rock That Looks Like Cookie Monster

Opening an agate rock is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you’ll find within. However, a new species is even more startling than normal since it looks exactly like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. As a result of our awe at this natural masterpiece, we wanted to share it with all of you at Viraltrendzs.

Recently, this incredibly uncommon agate rock was discovered in the Soledade area of Brazil. As a bonus, the fact that it looks like Cookie Monster just serves to enhance its uniqueness.

Mike Bowers, a Californian who specializes in such rocks – and who claims to be the owner of this particular specimen – said that the item was discovered in November 2020 and might be valued up to $10,000 owing to its rarity.

One of the reasons it’s so rare isn’t only the fact that the two sides of the stone fit together like an egg. Other than their eerie Cookie Monster-like appearance when cut into two, the light-blue crystals are also very beautiful.

Credits : Mike Bowers

According to Bowers, this Cookie Monster is arguably the most flawless one that has ever seen. He claims to have seen similar things before, but now you get the whole picture (both sides). This particular item was discovered by Lucas Fassari.

This is a very rare occurrence! The owl and the scarred face are two well-known agates. Although there are numerous approximations, this one is quite unusual.

According to him, prices might be really expensive. Due to the rarity of his agate rock, he had been proposed more than $10,000 by five separate purchasers.

Bowers just posted a video on Facebook in which he shows off his new rock collection. As an added bonus, he included a song from Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, which makes a sign for the letter C.

Chalcedony and quartz are the two main ingredients of an agate rock, according to Wikipedia. Agates are found mostly in volcanic and metamorphic rocks, and they are found in a broad range of colors and patterns.

The usage of agate as a decorative stone goes back to Ancient Greece when it was used in various jewelry pieces and as seal stones for Greek soldiers. A lot of people believe that Cookie Monster has incredible strength. What if they were already aware of this?

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