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Amputee Gamer Gets $75,000 Bionic Arm With Drone Inside

James Young is a passionate gamer and he enjoys it very much. Unfortunately, he was caught in a terrible accident on May 18 2012 and it was when he fell under a train. He was fortunate enough to be able to save his life. However, he sustained injuries to his left arm and lower left leg which was amputated. James, despite his physical limitations, was determined not to give up gaming. Thus, he finally got used to the fact that he had to play games with one hand alone.

When Konami approached James, he was still in the midst of his recovery from his terrible injuries. They were the ones who were marketing the new Metal Gear Solid game. The bionic arm that Konami developed for James was the product of their collaboration with high-tech experts.

Viraltrendzs was astonished to discover these gamers that lookout for one other. So, we thought you’d enjoy seeing some photos of James Young with his bionic arm in the gallery below. Enjoy!

More info & Image courtesy: alternative limb project | youtube (h/t)


James’ bionic arm was designed by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, a member of the Alternative Limb Project. Metal Gear Solid makeovers were subsequently made to the robotic arm, and this was only one of the many noteworthy additions. In addition, there’s a light torch, a USB charging port, a smartwatch, and even a shoulder-mounted flying drone.


Of particular, the shoulder muscles in James’ arm are in charge of directing the movement of the arm in its entirety. It is also nimble enough to grab items as small as a coin, which is a significant accomplishment in the field of prosthetics today. Bionic arms are projected to become more affordable in the near future, like any other technological advancement.




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