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Amazon Breath Out More Carbon Than It Inhales At A Head-Turning Rate

Image Courtesy: theguardian.com

The Amazon rainforest has absorbed a tremendous amount of carbon emissions, producing more oxygen. It is still an essential element in the climate control of this planet and the balance of all ecosystems worldwide. The uncontrollable fire, which could start in 2019, has damaged many areas of the Amazon. And a report from 2019-2020 shows that the Amazon rainforest emits more carbon dioxide than it absorbs. It is estimated that CO2 levels are about 20% higher than the absorption of these rainforests. 

Amazon Breath Out More Carbon Than It Inhales At A Head-Turning Rate

In 2019, the National Space Research Organization said the western part of the Amazon rainforest was facing devastation and had already lost 11%. The eastern part is facing it and has lost more than 30% of the forest. All of these processes are still ongoing, and these large numbers were given in 2019. 

There have been many uprisings of civil unrest over this issue, both locally and globally. But governments do not take the initiative to make a big difference. The problem with deforestation is that there are rules in the law books, and there is enough scope to stop most of these activities. But there are law enforcement issues by officials and the government itself. Several European countries have taken steps to push these governments by halting trade. Until governments start a proper plan and implement it to protect and defend Amazon, this problem affects not only those countries but the whole world and future generations. The Amazon is known as the ‘Lungs of the Earth.’ As human beings living on this earth, we must save the ‘lungs’ that guarantee life on earth.

Amazon Breath Out More Carbon Than It Inhales At A Head-Turning Rate

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