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Amazing Story of Baby Girl Who Was Born Twice

There’s no other way to describe giving birth. It’s nothing short of a miracle. A newborn is born into this world just once, from the womb of its mother. But, have you ever heard of a baby who was born twice? No, I guess you don’t. Here’s a remarkable true tale of a newborn girl who was born twice in the course of her life. We at Viraltrendzs were amazed to hear about this occurrence and felt compelled to share it with you guys.

Margaret Hawkins Boemer was expecting twins when she became pregnant. They were her third and fourth children were on the way, and she couldn’t wait. Her pregnancy had gotten off to a rocky start when she miscarried one of the infants. Her second trimester brought even more shocks. A routine scan revealed that her baby daughter had a big tumor coming out of her tailbone, which she discovered when she was 16 weeks pregnant.

Photos Courtesy: Paul V. Kuntz/Texas Children’s Hospital

As Texas Children’s Hospital spokeswoman Veronika Javor Romeis explains, the condition is known as a Sacrococcygeal Teratoma, and it is a rather uncommon birth abnormality (SCT). That rare condition, which affects just one in every 40,000 births, was making her unborn child worse and sicker. Finally, the heart failure of her unborn child would be caused by the huge vascular tumor that had robbed its blood supply.

Immediately, Margaret began to explore her alternatives and flew to Houston to meet with specialists. During that time, she had a meeting with surgeons from Texas Children’s Foetal Center in Houston. When Margaret was 20 weeks pregnant, Texas Children’s Hospital informed her that she had the choice of undergoing foetal surgery in order to attempt to protect the life of her unborn child. In order to get rid of the tumor before it spreads any further, surgery would have to be performed promptly.

Pregnancy termination had been recommended by various doctors to the family.

Photos Courtesy of: Paul V. Kuntz/Texas Children’s hospital

Pregnancy termination had been recommended by various doctors to the family. However, they eventually came to the conclusion that they needed to give their daughter a second opportunity at life. It was their belief that Texas Children’s doctors would be able to rescue their child. After Margaret’s baby started to show indications of heart failure at 23 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy, she had emergency surgery for the fetus.

With a 50/50 chance of survival, her daughter was in critical condition. A total of nearly five hours was spent by Dr. Darrell Cass and Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye working to remove a tumor that was developing from the baby’s tailbone. In fact, it was about as big as the infant herself!

On June 6th, Lynlee Hope was delivered through C-section, weighing 2.4 kilograms.

Photos Courtesy of: Paul V. Kuntz/Texas Children’s hospital

When her daughter’s heart stopped beating during the procedure, it had to be restarted immediately. In addition, she had a blood transfusion. To remove the tumor, doctors had to make an incision in Margaret’s uterus and lift the baby out of her legs and into her chest.

About ninety percent of the tumor was removed during surgery. With each week that passed being pregnant, the tumor grew larger once again.

This was her second birth.

Photos Courtesy of: Paul V. Kuntz/Texas Children’s hospital

Margaret’s pregnancy progressed to the 36-week mark. On June 6th, Lynlee Hope was delivered through C-section, weighing 2.4 kilograms. That was her second birth. Level 3 NICU was the next stop for Lynlee’s further evaluation. Her first evaluation revealed that she was performing really well. As a result, her placement was upgraded to the level 2 nursery.

The remainder of the tumor from Lynlee’s tailbone was removed during a second operation performed at the age of 8 days old.  That includes those that had developed inside of her.

Lynlee made a complete recovery after Dr. Olutoye surgically removed the residual SCT tissue. In addition, she was allowed to return home just a few weeks following her operation. The Lewisville, Texas, family is currently adjusting to life as a five-person unit. Lynlee’s parents bring her to Texas Children’s for regular checkups as she develops.

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