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Amazing Murals Street Arts That Come to Life Only During Rain

It is through their craft that these street artists find ultimate freedom. They use the whole universe as a vast canvas on which to express themselves. Street art is something that we at Viraltrendzs are quite interested in. This time, our attention was drawn to some mural street arts that come to life only when it rains, creating a world where truth and imagination merge into one another.

Those gloomy days when it simply won’t stop raining?

South Korean designers have an answer for that. They collaborated with Pantone to bring color back to Seoul. And the way they do this is by making massive, colorful street artworks that only emerge when it rains.

More info: portfolios.saic.edu (h/t: designtaxi)

“Project Monsoon” is the name given to the project. The monsoon season, which may last up to three weeks, was the inspiration for the design of this project. The artists used a special kind of hydro chromatic paint that is absolutely transparent until it is wet.

The culture of South Korea served as an inspiration for this endeavor. It underlines the significance of rivers’ flow. Color and life are added to the streets by using Korean topographical characteristics that form a flow and pool of rainwater on every street in the nation. So, book a flight to Seoul and pack an umbrella, since rainy days there aren’t nearly as miserable as they are here!

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