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Amazing Living Sculpture In The Lost Gardens Of Heligan Changes Seasonally

Cornish folklore and King Arthur legends have made Cornwall a unique place to visit in the southwest of England. The Heligan Gardens, often known as the Lost Gardens of Heligan, are located here. With a total area of 200 acres, it is the largest garden restoration effort in Europe. It is also a great destination for adventurers, plant enthusiasts, and romantics.

Heligan is teeming with secrets, all of which must be unlocked and solved. Among these is the famed Mud Maid sculpture. It was skillfully crafted by local artists Pete and Sue Hill, a brother-sister combo. The sculpture, which was originally commissioned for The Lost Gardens’ Woodland Walk in 1997. But by now it has grown to become an indispensable part of the surrounding environment.

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Image credits: Pete & Sue Hill

It’s called the Mud Maid, and it’s a living piece of art. To make things even more confusing, her “clothing” changes with each season. Her “hair” grows and dies with the weather. She looks like she is wearing different clothes every day. As a result, in the spring and summer, she seems active, but in the fall and winter, she appears completely different.


Image credits: nela.fernweh

The Mud Maid and The Giant’s Head, when combined with the Hills‘ other sculptures are meant to instill a sense of mystery in Heligan while also enhancing the overall woodland experience for all visitors.

Wood and windbreak netting was used to construct the Mud Maid’s hollow structure. After that, the sculptors put a thick layer of sticky mud on the surface.


Image credits: Pete & Sue Hill

The sculpture’s face is composed of a mixture of mud, cement, and sand.  It was initially covered with yogurt in order to encourage the growth of lichens, which is a fun fact to remember. Meanwhile, the Maid’s head is filled with Woodsedge and Montbretia, and ivy is busy putting her clothing together.


Image credits: ejlilie

The Tremayne-designed Lost Gardens of Heligan, which goes back to the 18th century, is one of the world’s most known botanical gardens in Britain. For a period of time before the First World War, the Tremanynes employed a total of 22 gardeners to keep the estate in tip-top shape.


Image credits: _timmurray_

However, as soon as war broke out, many gardeners were called up to serve. After World War I ended, the estate’s workforce dwindled, and the grounds fell into disarray.

Every year, thousands of visitors go to the 400-year-old gardens to take in the living sculptures that have been erected among the trees and flowers.


Image credits: Stuart Richards


Image credits: Wulan Nephin


Image credits: Daderot


Image credits: Pete & Sue Hill


Image credits: heligangardens

#11 The Mud Maid was built in the following manner:

Image credits: joanna_eden


Image credits: Pete & Sue Hill


Image credits: Pete & Sue Hill


Image credits: Pete & Sue Hill
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