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All C-Section Scars Aren’t The Same.

Giving birth is difficult, yet it is the most wonderful thing in the world. The finest gift one can give is to give someone life and hug them for all time. When you’re pregnant, you develop stretch marks, which might become permanent, and your belly may not look the same as it did before. C-Section Scars are the most frequent feature of mothers who deliver by C-section.

You already know that everyone’s bodies and feelings aren’t the same, and scars are no exception. You might look at those C-Section scars as a memory of your bravery and courage in bringing your child into the world. It is not a failure mark that you have; it is proof of your survival that you have succeeded in bringing someone into the world. Take a peek at these women who have scars from C-sections.


image credits : houseofwhite_/Instagram

Oliva White of the House of White blog posted a photo of her C-section on Instagram, saying that while it wasn’t the ideal perspective, who wouldn’t take photos hours after giving birth to show where they sliced her to get a complete person out? She had posted a photo of herself a few hours after her delivery so that other expecting mothers might see how she looked.


image credits : emmy__liz/Instagram

For every lady who is dissatisfied with her C-Section scars, there is another who hopes she had them, according to the mother who posted this photo. She had posted a photo of her C-section two weeks after it had been completed.


image credits : mama_pixi/Instagram

With time, the C-Section scars will fade. This mother posted a photo of her C-section four days after it was performed, as well as how it looked after seven weeks. You can notice how the scars evolve over time by looking at this.


image credits : The Honest Body Project

The wounds from a C-section are not closed or healed in a similar manner. We can see that plainly in this image captured by photographer Natalie McCain.


image credits : A. Malbin

Scars can even go completely in some cases. Every scar does not last indefinitely. After almost five years, this mother’s C-section scar had diminished to the point that it could scarcely be seen.


image credits : The Honest Body Project

C-sections are not failures, as this shot by Natalie McCain illustrates. It is not an indication that your body has failed; it is just a method of delivering birth. It’s something to be proud of, just like those who haven’t had a C-section.


image credits : mrsjodieshaw/Instagram

Keep in mind that not all C-sections are created equal. There are some mothers who have their C-sections done vertically rather than horizontally.


image credits : Benzel Photography

Melissa Benzel recorded a moment between a mother and her baby bonding after a C-section. And the camera can’t see her incision since it’s so little.


image credits : eatserika/Instagram

After 6 months, here is how a mother who works as a fitness trainer appears in her vertical C-section.


image credits : allthingsjuliekovach/Instagram

When you realize that a C-section is what brought your kid into your arms, the scars become gorgeous. Here’s a mother who proudly displays her baby and c-section scar.


image credits : stephaniejones_photography/Instagram

Stephanie Jones, a photographer, shows her two-and-a-half-month-old scar, which she says reminds her of the kids she previously carried.


image credits : Provided Anonymously

After four months since her delivery, the mother reveals her physique and scar. The scar is hardly noticeable and is gradually dissipating.


image credits : yogawithsophie/Instagram

After two months, a mother says she no longer sees her scar as a scar, but rather as an X on the spot where her kid, her jewel, was concealed.


image credits : ripe_mama/Instagram

A snapshot of a mother and her baby four months after delivery, both of whom appear to be in good health.


image credits : Provided Anonymously

This mother told CafeMom that her child’s first birthday coincided with the scar that marked his arrival.

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