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After The Stars’ Cosy Night In, Nikita’s Girlfriend Breaks The Quiet Regarding Tilly On Strictly.

Fans had speculated that the infamous ‘Strictly curse’ may be at work after noticing chemistry between Tilly and Nikita from when they were paired on the show. Nicole Wirt, Nikita’s girlfriend, has been dancing with him since 2016. On Saturday, cosy night, she congratulated her boyfriend and Tilly for their first dance. She uploaded images and videos from the dance on social media, writing that it was “mesmerizing” and that she was “cheering for my favorites.”

Image Courtesy: Nicole Wirt

Nikita's girlfriend has responded to their dance

Tilly Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay’s daughter, dazzled viewers in a stunning lilac gown as she performed a passionate dance with Nikita, 23. On Twitter, fans gushed about the combination. “Tilly and Nikita are my favorites; they’d make the sweetest pair,” she said, using the hashtag #StrictlyCurse. “Odds on Tilly Ramsay and Nikita becoming a relationship by the conclusion of this series,” another said.

Fans think there is chemistry between the pair

One exclaimed, “Tilly and Nikita are so cute together, omg.”

Fans loved Nikita and his girlfriend romantic waltz

The judges gave them 21 points for their first dance. According to The media, Nikita was welcomed back to Tilly’s flat over the week. They arrived in different automobiles before joining arms in the dark and rushing into the residence.

“Nikita was first and waited outside before Tilly arrived a few minutes later,” a witness told The Media.

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