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‘After I gave birth, my husband slept with his co-worker and blamed the baby.’

Her husband began an ’emotional relationship’ with her partner during pregnancy and later became physically unfaithful after her daughter was born.

Especially, it is always devastating to find out that your spouse has cheated on you, but one mother went mad after her mother made a lame excuse that her husband was unfaithful. He blamed the child for some of his reasons for sleeping in his room or his wife being too busy. The woman explained that his partner had decided to have an “emotional relationship” with his partner while his wife was pregnant with her child. This made her feel “insecure” about the time they spent together. However, when their daughter was born, the father decided to take his relationship to the next level and physically cheated on his wife. His excuse? He was trying to help his colleague recover from a recent breakdown. In a note on Reddit, the mother listed the “stupid” excuses when she confronted him about her relationship.

She wrote: “My husband cheated on me with a woman at work. And, I had told him for months that I was not happy about their relationship. On the other hand, he made me feel jealous and insecure for no reason. I was feeling insecure because I was pregnant at the time. I left it alone because I didn’t want to be a controlling partner.” She added: I knew in my heart that it could happen, but it still destroyed me. These are some of the stupid things he said that he crossed that line:

He couldn’t ‘hug’ me so much because our baby shared a bed with us.

He tried to help her with her breakdown.

“They spent more time together than we did.

“I was tired of the baby, and I didn’t want to watch TV with him.”

The mother even explained that her husband wanted to have a baby, but he did not touch it during pregnancy because he thought it was “weird.”

She added: “I can’t understand how stupid all this is. So much time to gaslight me; To lie in my face; It seems like a waste of time. “He wants me to get pregnant. And also, he didn’t touch me for most of our pregnancy because of something ‘weird.’ Our daughter deserves better.”

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