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‘After going to McDonald’s, my partner missed our child’s birth and he’s now my ex.’

The birth of a baby, no matter how painful it may appear at the moment, will always be one of the most wonderful events in a parent’s life. However, most partners would go to any length to be by their baby mamma’s side during the process. You’d be shocked how many expectant dads skip their child’s birth, for some of the most insignificant reasons.

One mother described her partner’s decision to go to McDonald’s while she was in labor, which seems incredibly dangerous.

While he returned to the hospital on time, he continued to consume the meal in front of his famished baby mama, who was not permitted to eat as she was to undergo a c-section.

The mother, who goes by the handle @athome_withjaxon, took to TikTok to reply to a video of two Australian midwives discussing ‘dad behavior in labor.’

“When he misses the delivery, he validates the parking ticket for me”.

One of the midwives explained before the mother added her two cents.

“He went to McDonald’s, returned back, and ate his McDonald’s in front of me since I wasn’t permitted to eat as I was having a c-section,” she stated in the video.

“When I went down for a c-section, he fell asleep in the waiting room. My father became my delivery companion. That is exactly how it is for me!”

There’s a lot to unpack there. Many viewers were concerned about the mother’s treatment by her baby’s dad. She subsequently revealed they are no longer together, since, let’s face it, she deserves a lot more.

“I’m not with him,” she stated, adding that she wasn’t with him when her kid was born. “We had been dating for four years and had been married for fourteen months when we were married. He decided he no longer loved me and didn’t want to live with me when I was six months pregnant.”

And it seems out that missing your child’s birth is pretty typical for males according to several mothers who rushed to the comments section to express their own stories.

“When I went in for my urgent c-section, physicians had to wake him up because he had fallen asleep on the floor”. One mother said, adding, “To be honest, he had not slept in 48 hours.”

“When I’m in the hospital delivering, my ex went on a three-day binge,” another commented.

Let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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