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After Admirers Pleaded With Her To “Save Your Face,” A Tattoo Model Flaunts Her New Art

Amber Luke has tattooed 98 percent of her body, but her metamorphosis isn’t finished yet. Over the weekend, in Brisbane, Australia, the tattoo model shared her newest tattoo on Instagram.

She also challenged her 17,000 Twitter followers to guess where she’d put the new design.

The 26-year-old challenged followers with a close-up photo of her face and neck, writing: “A new addition has been made. Can you figure out where it is? Please leave a comment below.”

Hundreds of people reacted to Amber’s post, with some unable to figure out which extreme inking had been added to her collection.

“It’s really hard to detect with so many tatts,” one respondent said.

Tattoo model flaunts extreme new inking after fans plead 'spare your face'
Image Courtesy: Instagram/Amber Luke

Regardless, some keen fans were able to see the fresh inking.

It’s a delicate moon pattern that stretches from her brows to the bridge of her nose.

“The tattoo between your eyes — it looks amazing, Ambs,” one user said.

Another exclaimed: “In the area of the eyes. It’s fantastic!”

A third was added: “Yes, please!! The moon is stunning.”

Image Courtesy: Instagram/Amber Luke
Tattoo model Amber Luke unveiled her bold new inking on Instagram over the weekend
Image Courtesy: Instagram/Amber Luke

Despite the positive feedback, trolls have previously criticized Amber for her facial tattoos.

The tattoo model has previously been accused of going too far.

“You are so gorgeous; spare your face,” one commenter added.

Despite the worries, the Australian beauty does not seem to have taken the criticism seriously.

“Thank you,” she said, “but I’ll do what I want.” “It’s my face,” says the narrator.

After fans begged her to “spare your face,” a tattoo model flaunts her new ink.
Image Courtesy: Instagram/Amber Luke

Amber, who began tattooing as a youngster, has tattooed 98 percent of her body during the previous ten years.

She has almost 600 tattoos on her body, including geometric motifs on her breast, portraits on her thighs, and eyeball ink.

Dermal piercings, extended ears, and a split tongue are among the influencer’s other physical changes.

Amber is unlikely to cease changing her appearance anytime soon, despite having done it a lot over the years.

She now has the sleeves on her arms blackened out, which is an exceedingly painful procedure.

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