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According to To His Grieving Brother, Greg Gilbert, A Renowned singer, Has Died Following A Cancer Struggle.

Greg Gilbert died after a five-year fight with cancer, according to his brother. Following years of therapy and garnering support from his loved ones. It was reported last month that the 44-year-cancer old’s treatment had come to an end. Greg died at 2:22 p.m. on September 30th, surrounded by the “endless love” shown to him during his treatment, according to his brother’s statement published on Twitter.

Image Courtesy: Greg Gillbert

Greg Gillbert on the stage

“Your thoughts, support, and compassion have been our oxygen for the last five years,” his brother Aaron stated. Aaron, his brother, wrote: “For the past five years, your messages, encouragement, and compassion have been our lifeblood. “We did everything together because he was my brother and best friend.

Greg Gilbert has died after a battle with cancer

“It was a privilege to be with him as he drew one more soft breath before departing us. I was under the impression that we were boundless…”

Aaron described himself as “so fortunate” to have a brother with whom he could have such “wonderful moments” and who taught him the “real meaning of grace, courage, and strength.”

“Thank you for sharing our pain and for making it easier to carry at times while you were battling fights of your own,” Aaron said as he honored his brother in front of Greg’s numerous admirers.

Greg Gillbert's brother Aaron released a statement confirming the news

“Thank you also for making Greg such an important part of your life. I’m pleased we all happened to be alive at the same moment. We’re only here for a short time, so let’s make the most of it.”

Tributes poured in for the artist almost immediately, with one user responding: “Beautifully written lines. Greg’s music, writing, and art will live on in our hearts forever. I wish you all the strength and love in the world.”

Another person stated: “Greg was a truly remarkable guy, and his skills and legacy will live on via his painting, music, and children. I’m sending my heartfelt sympathies.”

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