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According To A Doctor, Blue Eyes Are An Illusion And Are Colorless.

According to an NHS doctor, blue eyes are caused by “crazy physics” rather than real blue pigment in the iris. Dr. Karan Rajan created a TikTok film explaining the mutation and why blue eyes change color depending on the light. Especially, as he speaks to the camera, he says: “If you have blue eyes, you’re dealing with some strange physics.

“The same reason your eyes seem blue is the reason the sky appears blue.

“The Stroma is a layer of cells in the iris, the colored doughnut that gives your eyes their color.

Dr Karan Rajan explains why blue eyes happen
Image Courtesy: Tiktok

“Because of a gene abnormality, the Stroma in blue eyes is transparent and contains no pigments.

“When light strikes it, it scatters all of the light wavelengths.

“Because blue has a shorter wavelength, it scatters the most.”

According to him, “blue light is readily reflected, making it the most noticeable color.”

Dr Karan Rajan shared his medical knowledge
Image Courtesy: TikTok

Dr. Karan goes on to say: “This is why the color of blue eyes may vary depending on the quality of light that strikes them.

“Blue eyes are distinct because structural coloring rather than pigments cause the hue.”

The video has been seen over 1.8 million times since it was posted on Saturday, October 16, and thousands of people have written comments. One commenter said: “In the end, this makes sense. When people ask what color my eyes are, I’ve always said, “depends on the weather,” and they give me a strange look.”

“And, it also makes you more likely to be light-sensitive,” a second individual said, “which is unpleasant on clear days but extremely helpful in low light places where most can’t see.”

Some individuals with blue eyes also claimed to have central heterochromia, which is when your iris has a different color in a ring around your pupil, such as yellow.

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