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A Woman’s Epic Before And After Transformation.

People were confused when an influencer appeared to turn herself into a whole new person in a before and after transformation video released on TikTok.

When a TikTok user published an incredible transformation video that has since been viewed over 31 million times, it blew people’s minds. Valeria Voronina, a TikTok influencer with 708,000 followers, posted a mind-blowing before-and-after video in which she looks to transform into an entirely different person.

Valeria appears in the video wearing a grey sweatshirt, with unkempt, greyish hair and wire-rimmed spectacles, in response to someone stating in a prior clip that “it can’t be the same person.”

Users could clearly see Beyonce’s bright yellow teeth and yellow blotches under her eyes while lip-syncing along to Partition.

before transformation
after transformation

Before the transition, Beyonce could be heard singing “Give me some,” mouthing the lyrics: “Let me hear you say hello Mrs. Carter, say hey Mrs. Carter.”

The TikToker appears as a completely altered woman, wearing a white tank top and flaunting glittering purple eye shadow and well-curled curly hair.

Valeria’s nose, on the other hand, appeared to change shape totally, which proved to be more surprising to viewers.

She was also smiling, with perfect white teeth, immaculate complexion, larger lips, and different hair color – yet not everyone was convinced by what they saw.

Some viewers were taken aback, with one commenting, “Welcome to catfish 101,” and another writing, “AIN’T NO WAY.”

Others, like one, believe they’ve cracked the code: “Look at the teeth location and form, it’s not the same person.”

Let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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