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A Woman Claims She Has Proof Of Being Abducted By Aliens

Various terminology such as “alien abduction,” “alien abduction by UFO,” and a plethora of other phrases are used to refer to the same incident. A number of individuals believe that they’ve been abducted by aliens. And, on occasion, they are willing to share their experiences with the rest of the world.

But, more importantly, do alien beings truly exist? Finding a solution to this problem has piqued the curiosity of many people. Some people believe they exist, and one woman claims to have ‘proof’ that they do so.

Sheera Lumira Rejoice expressed her feelings about the event in a video that was released on TikTok. She told the story as to how extraterrestrials had invaded her house three years earlier.

In a few days, the viral film had garnered more than four million views. Her ovarian scars from egg removal revealed during an ultrasound, are supposed to prove that she was kidnapped by aliens, as she alleges in the video. This is the caption she wrote for the video, which you can see below.

Her video received a lot of mixed reactions from people. A so-called ultrasound technician chimed in to say that scarring following egg removal is unheard of. As a result, she produced four videos in which she discussed the purported “alien abduction” in great detail.

According to Sheera, this all started in 2018. “Paralysis” struck as she was about to fall asleep on the sofa. The symptoms of sleep paralysis, as described by the NHS, are as follows. They say it happens when you can’t move your muscles while you sleep or wake up.

Sheera claimed that she was feeling freezing and that her body was unable to move. And as she peered over at the entrance, she saw a person, a holographic-looking human being.

image credits : sheerarejoice/Tiktok

It was only after she found out that her eggs had been removed that she described the operation as a “blissful” experience.

According to Sheera, a man informed her that she was pregnant with three hybrid children. In addition, he has also said that three of her eggs had been removed. As a matter of fact, she was completely unaware of this until she met the guy in question, who she subsequently trusted with her instincts.

Sheera said that she had changed her name as a result of the event. And she had abstained from all stimuli, including alcohol, smoking, and caffeine use. For self-healing purposes, she had begun venturing into the natural world more often. To deal with the traumatic effect of this encounter, she ended up changing her whole name.

Ultimately, she said that the viewers had the option of believing her or not. However, she cautioned that not all individuals live in a scientific world and that certain encounters have the power to transform people’s life.

The comments section revealed a split among viewers. A few people claimed that she had just suffered sleep paralysis, while others argued that “who is to say that it isn’t true?”

One individual speculated that it was sleep paralysis. And he claims to have had the same experience again and over again. The tendency to have hallucinations is typical during them.

Another person questioned who has the ability to claim it is not true? Also claimed that the cosmos is wonderful and that we only know a tiny fraction of its mysteries.

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