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Siberia: A well-preserved lion cub lived on permafrost 28,000 years ago

Image Courtesy: Forbes

Scientists say a uniquely well-preserved cave lion cub found in the perpetual frosts of Siberia lived 28,000 years ago and contained traces of it in its mother’s milk.

According to a study published in the journal Quarterly Science, a baby girl named Sparta was found in the Semyulik River in the Yakutia region of Russia in 2018. A second lion cub, Boris, was discovered the year before. Valerie Plotnikov, one of the study’s authors, said that despite how well Sparta was preserved, her fur, internal organs, and skeleton were still there. Mr. Plotnikov said: “The discovery is unique, and there was no other such discovery in Yakutia.

Siberia: A well-preserved lion cub lived on permafrost 28,000 years ago

“Maybe we’re going to have some dissolved parts (remain unchanged) in the mother’s milk. Because if we had it, we could understand what the mother’s diet is there.” A baby boy named Sparta and Boris were found 15 meters away from each other but were born not only from the different litter but also thousands of years apart. According to the study, Boris lived about 43,448 years ago.

Especially, the two cubs, one and two months old, were discovered by massive gross collectors. In the past few years, two more lion cubs, Uyan and Dinah, have been spotted in the area. Thus, similar discoveries were made more and more in the larger Siberian region of Russia. Climate change is warming the Arctic region faster than other parts of the world. And some areas have been covered in snow for a long time.

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