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A Weird Genetic Mutation Causes A Kitten To Have Two Heads

The Janus cat is the result of a very unusual genetic mutation that is brought on by an abnormally high level of protein creation in the developing embryo. There are just a few recorded occurrences of Janus cats living in our current day, making them an exceedingly unusual kind. Unfortunately, the risk of death is rather significant for animals who are born with this condition. However, the lovely two-headed cat from this story, nevertheless, is considered to be in excellent health in comparison to other animals with this condition.

A mutant cat with two heads was born as a consequence of a strange genetic mutation. Despite its abnormal appearance, the cat is generally normal and in good condition.

Ariel Contreras, the cat’s owner from Arkansas in the United States, claims that she saw Harvey’s extra head during labor.

The cat was given the name Harvey in honor of the Batman villain Harvey Dent, who was well-known for taking the character of the evil Two-Face.

This little kitty’s name is Harvey.

This little kitty's name is Harvey.
Image credits: KYTV

It was when Ariel was doing laundry that she heard her cat meowing. And then, all at once, the babies started coming out, and she started yelling for her husband.

She claims that this is the second kitten. So, at the time he was born, her husband noted that the baby had two heads.

Alley Cat Animal Rescue’s resident physician, Dr. Tim Addis, disclosed to KYTV that the kitten has two of everything other than a skull.

You may put food in either mouth, and both of them will eat, therefore they must be working together. According to him, the difference is striking.

If you are bottle-feeding Harvey, then its chances of survival are the same as those of its siblings, according to what he says.

Throughout history, the neonatal mortality rate for Janus cats has been much higher. But, as far as Contreras can tell, Harvey is doing OK for now.

Ariel even remarked that he seemed to be larger than his other kittens.

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