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A ‘Time Traveller’ Claims To Have Visited 2027 And Has Captured Footage Of “Human Extinction.”

A time traveller who claims to have time traveled into the future has warned that humanity is only a few years away from annihilation.

Javier, a TikTok user, stated that he had arrived in the year 2027 and that there are no humans left, only abandoned buildings and automobiles.

He has been posting videos under the handle @unicosobreviviente (only survivor) since February 13, when he first showed a supposedly abandoned Valencia in Spain.

Despite the absence of people, electricity and the internet appear to be functioning properly, allowing him to continue posting.

“I simply awoke in a hospital, and I have no idea what occurred. I’m alone in the city today, February 13, 2027 “In the video description, Javier says.

Before the video turns to an empty clothes store, he says in the footage, “Humanity has gone extinct,” adding, “There is no one in shopping malls.”

However, the shelves appear to be brimming with clothing.

The next day, Javier appealed to his followers for assistance.

“I’m still looking for human life,” he added.

time travel to 2027

“I’m starting to lose faith in myself. I got anything to eat today. How long do you think this will last? Please include anybody who might be able to assist me in the comments section “he penned

When people inquired how there were still lights and internet connectivity, he replied he didn’t know, but that “most likely there is some sort of link between 2021 and 2027.”

Javier has continued to upload footage of his “life in the future” on a daily basis, claiming that he is imprisoned and yearning to return to the present.

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