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A Photographer Creates Stunning Miniature Photos Of Himself!

The life of a teeny-tiny person in the middle of an enormous universe is terrifying enough. Is it necessary to shrink yourself in order to feel it? People who are familiar with science fiction books and movies like “Scaling Down” may recognize this idea. Even though it may seem absurd, don’t you think this is a great concept? Take a moment to consider how you would feel if everything had a far broader perspective than it already does. Visualize yourself as a miniature creature who is close to a bee or a mushroom in your imagination. Think of yourself as a tiny organism, about the size of a bee or a mushroom. What’s going through your mind right now?

Joel Robison, a photographer from Canada, asks himself this question throughout his work. He photoshopped a series of images in which he shrinks down to a little size in this fanciful realm in order to visualize this. Creating worlds where size, scale, and movement do not work according to the principles of physics that we are accustomed to is something Joel likes doing. Isn’t it obvious that you want to know more? At Viraltrendzs, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you as you embark on your journey into the fascinating realm of Joel’s miniature photos!

More info & image courtesy: Instagram | joelrobison.com | Facebook | flickr.com | patreon.com | foundation.app


It was disclosed by Joel Robison that he began creating these pictures because of his long-held ambition to work as an animator or illustrator for animated films. However, it quickly dawned on him that he could generate these images using his camera and Photoshop, rather than wasting time drawing them out by hand on a piece of paper. In his opinion, life is about uncovering the amazing moments that may be found in the middle of the daily grind. He also likes to believe that magic is all around us if we’re simply open to it.




















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