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A New Study Reveals Handsome Guys Have Smaller Balls

If you’re a male, your genitals are perhaps the most important thing to you. If their genitalia and testicles are big, it doesn’t matter if they’re as fat as a house. But what if they have got a small dick and smaller balls? Recent research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B indicates men with more beautiful traits have smaller balls.

Before you make a judgment, take the time to look into the details.

In spite of the fact that it seems odd, moderating manhood in this manner is beneficial for reproduction. Due to the increased genetic and energy investment in decorative characteristics, this is a good thing.  The latest research implies that there must be an exchange between attractiveness and bulge. It is thus necessary to shrink the balls if one wants to seem attractive. So, beauty may flourish.

Male primates have created a range of “sexual ornaments” as a reaction to the severe sexual competition they face. Beards in men and facial flanges on orangutan males, as well as the enlarged noses of Proboscis monkeys, are examples of such features. All of them are supposed to make women want to date them.

The researchers looked at 103 primate species, which included humans. They did so in order to better understand the link between the size of the testicles and these attractive ornaments. Finally, something of interest was discovered by the researchers.

Contracted ball bags were more common in species with more impressive ornaments.

An alternative hypothesis proposed by researchers is that men with higher levels of physical attractiveness may get by with less investment in sperm production. As a result, “ugly” primates are more likely to miss out on mating chances. Because of this, they must be prepared to release a high amount of sperm at any one moment in order to enhance the odds of fertilization. There is a lot more work that needs to be done to make their testicles grow bigger.

The ability to attract mates isn’t only a matter of excellent appearance. When it comes to attracting women, physical strength might be equally as important as other qualities. Individuals having a larger variety of weapons, like canine teeth, have a greater likelihood of getting sex. Logic says that canines and testes have a comparable trade-off.

It was a surprise to researchers when they found out the opposite was true. To put it another way, the species with the biggest canines were also the ones with the largest balls. Authors believe this is due to the fact that making a large weapon requires less DNA or energy than maintaining a person’s appealing characteristics.

Stefan Lüpold, a researcher at the University of Zurich, came to the conclusion that ornamentation reduces the size and quantity of sperm produced by the testes. It means that most showy males have smaller balls. Furthermore, this has been proven to be the fact with human guys as well.

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