Home Weird News A Mother Wishes To Have The World's Biggest Family.

A Mother Wishes To Have The World’s Biggest Family.

The majority of mothers struggle with raising several children. But this is a different story, in which one mother intends to have the world’s biggest family with 100 children!

Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old mother from Moscow, is her name. Presently she is the mother of 11 children and aspires to establish the world’s biggest family. Christina aims to realize her ambition with the help of surrogate moms to raise the total number of children. She is married to Galip Ozturk, a hotel owner. Because Russian law prohibits them from using surrogate moms, they relocated to Batumi, Georgia, where this is lawful.

More info and Image credits: batumi_mama

She plans to have the biggest family in the world with 100 children.

The World's Biggest Family

They fell in love the instant they met each other and have no reservations about starting the world’s biggest family. They’ve been working with surrogate mothers to ensure that the children are genetically theirs but are born to surrogate mothers. This costs the pair a lot of money, but Galip is well-off and sees no obstacles in their way of happiness.

Christina Ozturk intends to have the world's biggest family with 100 children

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