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A Married Couple Finds Their Wedding DVD In The Box Office Of A Charity 200 Miles Away

Polly Ramsey’s mother was shocked when a woman contacted the internet to say she found her wedding video after buying a Sopranos DVD from a charity store.

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After a couple found their wedding DVD 200 miles from their home – they got into trouble in a boxset case for sopranos. Rose Ramsay, better known as Pauline-Polly, was married six years ago and in 2015 they treasured their big day memories in Cancun, Mexico. But the couple has not seen their wedding memento disappear.

Polly, 34, received a message on Facebook from the kind Paula Weiler, saying she found it in a DVD box she bought in York. The message read: “Hi Pauline, I know this is crazy, but last week I bought a box of Sopranos DVDs at a charity store.

A Married Couple Finds Their Wedding DVD In The Box Office Of A Charity 200 Miles Away
A Married Couple Finds Their Wedding DVD In The Box Office Of A Charity 200 Miles Away

She continued: “I’m so sorry to be in your place. I thought you lost your wedding DVD. I know I’ll do it, so I started looking for you on social media.” Paula, 30, is from Brazil but went to York two years ago and the couple went hunting on Facebook.

Commenting on the extraordinary event with Edinburgh Live, Polly said: “I did not realize there was no wedding DVD! When I asked her where she was, I expected her to respond somewhere when we moved to Calderwood, Edinburgh two years ago. “I was completely shocked.

She offered to return the security receipt by handing over the recorded mail to arrive the next day to ensure it. “The kind lady had a hard time finding me on the FB because my name is Polly. My Sunday name is not Pauline. She’s going to show that there are good people there. “Your sopranos episode isn’t so much!”

A Married Couple Finds Their Wedding DVD In The Box Office Of A Charity 200 Miles Away

Paula said she sat down to watch the first box in Sopranos and thought Pauly and Ross’s weddings were part of the drama. She says: “My husband and I are from Brazil. We went to York in October 2019. We didn’t get a chance to move around. “July 3rd was my birthday and I booked a fun weekend in Edinburgh to celebrate it. On our last day, we walked into a lovely neighborhood house.

“When we go back to the center, we see the Martin’s House charity and I decided to go in because I’m looking for a tweed beret. “I was thrilled to find this Sopranos DVD box that I had been looking for for years. “I was so happy. My husband was like, ‘Do we really carry this all day?’ Yes, we did. ” 

She said she did not know the wedding DVD was in the box until she arrived in York on Sunday. “That was the first day I left my job. So my plan was to watch Sopranos heavily. When I saw the first DVD with the caption, “Our Wedding,” I thought, ‘Oh, this is Godfather, it’s starting with a wedding.

“So I started watching, but it was very slow and in Mexico. I saw one visitor wearing a kilogram and I thought, ‘Wait, this is not a director’s cut or anything.’ “When I saw that it was really someone’s wedding, I was looking forward to hearing the full names of the bride and groom, so I was able to see them on social media. “Fortunately they did. It took me a long time, but in the end, I found the right interest, I was very happy. “When I contacted Polly, I told her what had happened and sent her pictures on DVDs and videos. So she didn’t think I was crazy. “I haven’t watched my sopranos yet.”

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