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A Lady Who Paid For Roots Exits The Salon ‘Looking Like A Bird.’

Many ladies like going to the hair salon to get their hair colored. After paying to get her roots done, one lady said she was left ‘looking like a bird.’ Mariah, who goes by the handle @mariah Eliza on TikTok, claimed her hair “laid straight, silky, and flat” before going to the salon.

“I never had to spray it down or anything before today,” she said.

She then exhibited images taken just after she’d gone to the hairdresser, in which her hair was sticking out down her parting.

“It seems to be a disaster,” she remarked.

Mariah expressed her dissatisfaction with her hair by saying she was “very sad.”

mariah Eliza said she was 'really emotional' when she saw it
Image Courtesy: Tiktok/ mariah Eliza

“Anyone would be if their hair looked as horrible as mine,” she continued.

“I started putting everything up to see how much of stuff was truly destroyed, and I was like, ‘Wow.’ ‘This is a lot worse than I anticipated.’

She stated she doesn’t blame her hairdresser for her hair falling out since being platinum blonde is dangerous.

She said, “I should’ve been doing things to attempt to avoid injury.”

People sympathised with her online
Image Courtesy: Tiktok/ mariah Eliza

She did acknowledge, though, that she wished her hairstylist had forewarned her.

Breakage is to be anticipated when you’re platinum blonde, according to many TikTok users.

One user remarked, “I feel like this happens to every blonde at some time, but I’m so sorry, lady,” while another said, “The price of going blonde is breakage, baby.”

“Girl!!! I understand your anguish!! It happened to me, as well as on my crown! “I wanted to weep,” a compassionate audience member commented.

Another hair salon client was left enraged when the proprietor of the business ‘butchered’ her fringe. The client had hoped for a duplicate of Claudia Winkleman’s full bangs, but she was shocked by the finished result and gave the salon a one-star rating right away.

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