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A Hunter Carves Up A 13-Foot Alligator And Discovers A 5,000-Year-Old Artifact.

After chopping into the corpse of a gigantic 13-foot alligator, a hunter was taken aback by what he saw inside. After dissecting the stomach of the 52nd animal given to him for processing by fellow hunter John Hamilton, Shane Smith discovered an antique arrowhead and plummeted. Shane first believed the creature had eaten an arrow that had been fired at it, but a Mississippi state geologist examined the snaps and determined that they were between 5,000 and 6,000 years old and had most likely been lying on the ground, according to AL. “We have been cutting into a couple of huge gators to check what was in their stomach,” Shane’s processing company, Red Antler Processing, said on Facebook.

Image Courtesy: Hamrinnews

“So far, everyone has had something wonderful to say about it.

“John Hamilton’s 13-foot-five-inch gator, which he brought in today, gave us the shock of the year!”

The giant hunter
Image Courtesy: NABD

And also, native Americans utilized shattered arrowheads and plummet as fishing weights throughout the Archaic Period, according to historians. Fishbones, feathers, hairballs, and smelly bile fluids were discovered with the old finds in the stomach.

The giant hunter
Image Courtesy: Hamrinnews

Shane believes the alligator ate the materials to help digestion, as stones may break up hard parts in the alligator’s stomach, such as bone. But it’s far from the strangest discovery made by American swamp-beast hunters. A separate processing factory discovered five undigested dog collars inside an alligator earlier this year, along with a spark plug and many turtle shells.

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