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Guy Eats Raw Meat For 78 Days To See If He Lives

This month, a number of us have tried out Veganuary. Vegetarianism is also becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to lessen their environmental effects while also protecting animals. One weird Instagram user, on the other hand, has gone the other way, which has caught the eye of Viraltrendzs.

During the 78-day challenge, a man from the United States will eat nothing but raw meat, which will be his only source of nutrition for the duration of the challenge. The primary purpose of this dreadful undertaking is to assess whether or not he will be able to make it out alive at the end of it. His previous diet consisted mostly of plant-based foods, according to him. He has, however, had health problems as a consequence of this in the past.

Credits :  @rawmeatexperiment

Instead, he’s been prepping his digestive system to only digest raw meat, including organs. He washes down his food with raw animal milk and raw eggs before eating it. The chicken breast, steak, and swordfish are some of his favorite dishes, according to him. However, he seems to have avoided major food poisoning thus far.

However, he is at danger of catching E. coli, salmonella, and Shigella, which is concerning.

Constipation, hemorrhoids, and even scurvy are all possibilities if he doesn’t consume enough fresh produced fruits and vegetables.

This guy publishes stomach-churning photographs of himself chewing into raw flesh on his social media pages. This has led to an internet following for the guy, who is eagerly awaiting the results of his odd eating plan. With more than 70k followers on Instagram, @rawmeatexperiment describes himself as follows: “Eating raw meat at Whole Foods every day till I die from bacteria.”

Credits :  @rawmeatexperiment

Among his ‘caveman’ diet’s other staples are liver from cows, camel milk, and even steak, which he can tear apart with his teeth. In his explanation, he explains that there is no chewing involved at all. He asserts that we can consume cow’s flesh by just putting it in our mouths and swallowing it down.

He claims that it is rather good and costs less than half the price of a steak. In addition to cod, it will most likely become a weekly dish. A follower inquired as to how he was feeling, and he responded favorably. According to him, everything has been well so far and he sees no need to stop; yet, he hasn’t experienced any strangeness in the meanwhile.

He made significant progress by the end of his 40th day.

Credits :  @rawmeatexperiment

He claimed to have eaten 1lb of mince in under 5 minutes, which was one of his favorite meals.

He now prefers ground beef to any other kind of meat. So why is it so popular? Because it is inexpensive, can be consumed in less than four minutes, and provides 800 calories of an absorbable cow. It also digests well.

He agreed that cooked meat tasted a little better, however, he was starting to like the flavor of raw flesh. The raw bacon he consumed on day 45 was described as looking like a skinned foot by one of his supporters.

To all those who are worried about his diet, he has stated that potatoes, rice, and cooked chicken are on occasion on his menu. Furthermore, he claims that his discomfort is gone now that he is eating meat entirely.

After giving up bagels and smoothies in favor of eggs, steak, and other protein-rich foods for breakfast, he found that he was more satisfied throughout the day and that his discomfort was lessened as a result.

Doctors, on the other hand, often advise against consuming large amounts of raw meat if you are unsure of the quality or what germs could be hiding under the surface.

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