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A Gorilla Born With Human-like Hands Surprises Everyone

A gorilla named Anaka was celebrated in December last year. She was celebrating her sixth birthday at the Atlanta Zoo. The Atlanta Zoo’s employees welcomed her to the zoo. There were videos and pictures of everything that happened shared on social media networks. Consequently, the issue became a significant topic in the news media. But despite her surprising rise to fame, this imposing woman is still going strong. A large number of people were in the audience, and they cheered her on at every turn. However, only a small number of individuals were aware of something strange, which grabbed the eye of Viraltrendzs as well.

Anaka’s hand has a distinct patch of color on it, which draws everyone’s attention to her. In certain circumstances, it may be possible to locate and save these primates. The uniqueness of their fingerprints and toeprints is the reason for that. In place of claws, primates have nails on the tips of their fingers and toes, unlike the bulk of other mammals. Moreover, this is a somewhat rare occurrence.

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Anaka's hand has a distinct patch of color on it, which draws everyone's attention to her.

Because of the hue of her skin and the way she behaves, the zoo believes she is one-of-a-kind. Their website states that she screams at her mother and other people in order to find a nice place for food and drinks. Most of the time, she rides to one of her siblings.


In the eyes of others, Anaka had vitiligo, Skin discoloration occurs in areas over time as a result of this long-term condition. Morena Lale states that when she contacted the zoo, they did not answer by indicating that the mark was natural. Anaka’s skin coloring has been this way for as long according to her. She has also said that it has not changed over the years, prompting some to conclude that it is just a distinctive birthmark.






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