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A Story Of A Girl And Her Gorgeous Horse Who Look Like Twins

A horse is a wonderful addition to anyone’s life. Besides offering emotional support, they’re also pleased to be around and radiate elegance and beauty. Sharing anything with a horse makes things more interesting. Moreover, how does it feel to share the same physical look like each other? Naomie brought numerous images of herself and her horse ” Storm” to the event, which were favorably received by the folks in her immediate vicinity.

At Viraltrendzs, we were instantly smitten by the charm of this duo. So we thought to tell you a little more about Naomie and her gorgeous horse.


Ever since she was a little girl, horses have brought a lot of happiness to Naomie’s life. Once her curiosity had been peaked in them, she wished to get one for herself in the future. When she met Storm, she was taken aback by the knowledge that she had finally achieved her goal. She was absolutely taken in by her at first sight. It’s also exactly what she had hoped for, she said. Storm could’ve stepped right out of her childhood fantasies.


In the beginning, Naomie was unsure about Storm’s name, but she decided to keep with it as she learned more about her nature. Naomie has a particular place in her heart for Storm. Naomie has had Storm for five years, according to her. In addition to being very kind, she is also exceedingly affectionate. Naomie knows she can rely on her since she’s both clever and amusing. Naomie went on to say that she is one-of-a-kind due to her appearance and her gorgeous, long mane.


Looking at images, we can see Storm’s relationship with her owner. They have a strong bond, and Naomie’s words capture that bond well.


Naomie and her horse have generated quite a stir because of their striking resemblance. Both of them have naturally curly blond hair. As far as Naomie is concerned, she has never sought a horse that is physically similar to herself. However, this gorgeous horse, Storm was given to her as an inside joke with a remark that went something to the effect of ‘If you are looking for a horse, consider this one since you both are so similar.’ Initially, it was only a joke, but she ended up buying Storm for real.


It’s nice to see Naomie and her horse’s photoshoots since they show their love and care for one another. In addition, this is due to their striking resemblance in appearance. Storm’s cooperation is partly responsible for the magnificent photographs that resulted from this couple’s session. Storm, according to Naomie, waits patiently for the camera to click, and when it does, she acts as if she is a full-fledged model for the moment.


Spending time with one other, participating in a range of activities, makes them both happy. In addition to going on a ride or a walk, they also do some grooming. The most important thing is that they have a good time together.




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