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A Furious Mother Goes Viral After Sending Messages To Cars Blocking Her Driveway

People continuously park on the lowered curb outside her home, obstructing her driveway, prompting a driver to take drastic steps. Sibongile Mude routinely uses her TikTok account, @sibs89, to upload recordings of the automobiles in issue obstructing her departure from her bedroom window.

She’s now slapping furious notes on their windows and windshields to persuade them not to park there again.

Sibongile showed off a letter she wrote in one of the clips, which read: “Your parking situation is not acceptable. You’ve parked your automobile on my driveway! Now I’m trapped!!”

Fuming mum goes viral after penning notes to drivers who keep parking across her driveway
Image Courtesy: TikTok/@sibs89

The concerned homeowner also left a note that read: “You’ve parked right in front of my garage door. MY CAR has to be parked.”

Sibongile and her pals have even questioned some of the drivers who return to their vehicles while the lady is recording, with one woman captured on tape assuring them that her parking was “no big issue.”

“What’s said… ‘You’re blocking my vehicle,’ and she answered, ‘It’s not much of a big problem,’ and then she ordered her to do one… plus other stuff l can’t speak,” Sibongile said in the comments of one video, explaining what the lady had said.

Sibongile and her friends have even confronted some of the driveway
Image Courtesy: TikTok/@sibs89

Sibongile even provided a video showing three automobiles parked across the exit to her driveway on three consecutive days, explaining that some had been there for hours.

“It’s bothersome because you people only see 30 seconds, but some of these folks park for 1 to 2 hours, and we need in and out of our driveway very frequently,” she added in the comments.

Commenters on the woman’s videos have proposed several remedies to her issue, including requesting that the city council paint lines on the road in front of her property or putting down cones to discourage others from parking.

Image Courtesy: TikTok/@sibs89

“You could have to finance part or all of the costs,” one individual responded, “but I’m sure the local government can authorize white lines to assist people to realize access is required.”

Parking across a driveway is only prohibited if there is a dropped kerb; however, this has nothing to do with limiting access to the driveway and is in place because lowered kerbs are a no-no for parking.

Even if a vehicle merely partly covers a dropped kerb, the owner is guilty of a traffic offense and might face a three-point penalty and a fine of up to £100.

Parking next to a dropped kerb, on the other hand, is not unlawful, even if it prevents access to a driveway.

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