Home Weird News A 41-year-old Kiwi woman gives birth without noticing she was pregnant.

A 41-year-old Kiwi woman gives birth without noticing she was pregnant.

A 41-year-old mother went into labor and saw her baby’s head. Until then she didn’t realize that she was pregnant.

Karla Akuhata had only gotten a few hours of sleep. Karla was suffering from excruciating cramps, had been attempting to breathe deeply.

Her last menstruation had been a long time ago. She realized it had returned with a fury.

She intended to relax and maybe get a little more sleep after taking a shower in her mother’s Whakatāne house in New Zealand on Tuesday morning.

Karla gave birth last weekend, although she didn’t show any indications of a pregnancy when she was photographed in May. (image credits :  Karla Akuhata/Facebook)

But the ache just became worse when she wrapped the towel over herself and returned to her room.

With her elbows on the bed, she dropped to her knees, trembling.

There was something wrong. She felt a head and reached below. She was about to give birth to her child.

Her thoughts were racing as she thought, “Oh my goodness.”

Karla delivered her son Tamarangi on the bedroom floor around 15 minutes later.

She tells the New Zealand Herald that he was a “complete surprise” and a “wonder baby.”

She is well aware that many people will find it difficult to trust her. How could she have been unaware that she was expecting a child?

Karla saw some minor clues as she looked back.

She had been tired and bloated for quite some time. Despite this, she attributed it to work-related stress and a medical problem she was dealing with.

She’d gained a few pounds recently – maybe five – and her trousers had tightened in the weeks leading up to the delivery, but she didn’t have a “pregnant tummy.”

Last Tuesday, Karla Akuhata received the shock of her life when she gave birth to her first child, Tamarangi. (image credits :  Alan Gibson)

Karla said that no one in her immediate circle, including family and close friends, had shown concern about her pregnancy.

While cryptic or covert pregnancies like hers are uncommon, they are more prevalent than many people believe.

Karla had assumed it was impossible – or at the very least extremely difficult – for her to become pregnant again, and had so dismissed the possibility.

She was not just 41, but she had always struggled to conceive, she explained.

Her other kid was born 15 years earlier, although becoming pregnant had been tough even then.

She attempted to have another kid during a subsequent long-term relationship but was unsuccessful.

“There was nothing I could do, but go with the baby’s head that was coming from my body”.

She sometimes went for lengthy periods of time – up to nine months – without having her period, she added.

As a result, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome early on, a disease that can make it difficult to conceive, she added.

Having children was also a problem in her family.

Karla’s sister has two children, while her other sister and brother, despite their best efforts, are childless.

To top it all off, Karla had remained active up until this month.

Four-day-old Tamarangi, with Karla Akuhata. When the baby came safely earlier this week, Karla had no idea she was pregnant. (image credits :  Alan Gibson)

Her most recent netball season ended in mid-August.

Karla stated she would have competed in the Kurangaituku netball competition in Rotorua only one week before her unexpected delivery if it hadn’t been postponed due to lockdown.

She wasn’t knocked off her feet until the weekend before last.

She had opted to take her son to her mother and father’s Whakatāne house, despite the fact that she normally lived in Rotorua.

The previous weekend, Sunday, and Monday in bed were spent complaining of bloating.

Karla sipped peppermint tea and crammed vitamins into her system in the hopes of feeling better in time to accomplish a project for her communications firm, Tu Mai Te Toki Content Management.

Her mother was perplexed by her robust appetite.

Karla explained, “She was saying to me, ‘You’re claiming you’re bloated and having tummy troubles, yet you’re still eating.'”

That’s where the first pregnant joke came from. The mother, on the other hand, did not take it seriously.

That is, not until a few days later, at 5.30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Kneeling by her bed in the early morning darkness, she braced herself against the agony, absolutely “freaking out” as her newborn son was born.

Her 15-year-old son, father, and a 94-year-old man were all present, but she did not seek assistance.

She was completely nude and didn’t want to bother anyone.

She explained, “It just made sense to stay there.”

“I had a baby’s head protruding from my body, and there was nothing I could do but go with it.”

Karla contacted her mother, who was set to end a night shift at Whakatāne Hospital, at 5.50 a.m. when Tamarangi was born.

“Mum, you remember how you joked that I could be pregnant? Well, I just had a baby,” Akuhata explained.

Karla’s startled mother could only exclaim, “What the hell?”

She then called an ambulance and hurried home to her daughter after regaining consciousness.

Karla had just delivered the placenta and was gently climbing into the bed and beneath the covers when she arrived.

She covered her kid in a bath towel and cradled him to her bosom, the umbilical cord still connecting them.

She described him as “just lying there nuzzling and making all the tiny baby noises.”

“I had a feeling he was fine based on the noises he was making.”

Karla’s mother, ever practical, checked on her daughter and grandchild before starting to clean up.

Karla joked that the room looked like a “crime scene” and that her mother didn’t want the paramedics to see it in that state.

Karla’s second kid and father also entered, their weary eyes wide with astonishment.

When the “wonderful” paramedics arrived, they immediately cut the umbilical cord and checked on mom and baby.

Karla sent her kid to his grandmother as one of the paramedics cleaned the room and stripped the linens while she went for a brief shower.

Karka and baby Tamarangi were given a health check at 2 p.m. that day and were discharged from the hospital to return home.

Tamarangi had begun to force his way into the world before Karla Akuhata even realized she was expecting. (image credits :  Alan Gibson)

Her sister-in-law had brought the family back together during that period.

She explained, “Obviously, we didn’t know we were having a baby, so there were no baby clothes in the home – there was nothing.”

“This little baby had everything he needed by the time we arrived home from the maternity ward,” she says.

All had been found: cot, clothing, and nappies.

Karla informed the baby’s father and subsequently shared her tale on her own Facebook page.

Friends and relatives have showered her with affection, with many referring to her kid as a “miracle baby.”

“I know that by telling my experience in the media, I’ll face a lot of criticism from those who don’t understand or accept it,” she added.

“However, it’s worth it to spread a little more love.

Let us know your opinions in the comments section.

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