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9-Year-Old Kid Loses Penis While Crushing With Mortar And Pestle

In the course of using a mortar and pestle to cut vegetables, a nine-year-old boy accidentally amputated part of his manhood. According to sources, the tip of his penis was apparently sliced when he was crushing the mortar and pestle between his legs. Following the accident, he was brought to a local hospital in Gabon, where he underwent medical treatment.

At the time of his admission to the hospital, his wounds were still covered in bandages. He was immediately assessed by doctors and sent to the surgery room. Additionally, doctors noticed that the end of his penis had been partially amputated, as well as a partially detached urethra.

The tube that carries urine was cut during the procedure.

Through the use of a catheter, the urethra was reconnected to the urine system. Finally, while the youngster was under local anesthesia, the operation was finished by sewing it back on.

image credits : AFP

He was fortunate enough to make a complete recovery. His ability to work normally was discovered one year later during a medical checkup. Libreville Central Hospital physicians shared this harrowing account of a patient’s experience.

When the incident happened, the little child was apparently helping his mother make a meal at their house outside of Libreville, the country’s capital.

It took him three hours to reach the hospital. In addition, physicians refused to reveal whether or not he was brought to the hospital by his parents. While recovering in a Gabonese hospital, the young patient was closely followed and had his wounds bandaged after his surgery was completed in Gabon.

He apparently had a flare-up four days following the procedure, which resulted in the flesh surrounding the injury reaching temperatures of 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit, according to reports (39C). Fortunately, medication worked and the infection went away.

image credits : Zuma Press

Finally, he was discharged from the hospital after 25 days of treatment.

There are few cases of penis injury in youngsters, according to the experts who wrote the article. And their treatments are somewhat challenging according to them.  These are very rare, but frequently life-threatening, events. These injuries are mostly caused by domestic mishaps, sporting injuries, and circumcisions, according to the doctor. There are fewer complications and better outcomes when treatment is less severe. However, the care of severe forms and associated consequences, such as amputations and fistulas arising from replantation or urethroplasty, continues to be a difficult task in the field.

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