Home Inspiration 84-Year-Old Woman Rejects One Million Dollar Offer For Her Home

84-Year-Old Woman Rejects One Million Dollar Offer For Her Home

You know what people say about there being no place like home. How many of us believe this to be true on an individual basis, though. For one woman, no other remark could be more appropriate in describing her current situation.

Edith Macefield was a Seattle, Washington resident during the time. S he had a deep love for her home. The memories she had associated with her home, she thought, were priceless treasures that should be protected and preserved. Editor proved that she could never be bought by a developer when he questioned her love for her home.

Edith was given many offers to sell her home. It was in a perfect spot for a new mall to be constructed. Because of this, the developers acquired every single property in the area that had previously been used as a neighborhood dwelling. Edith was the final person to refuse to go forward with the plan.

It was never in her plans for the woman to sell her home. She didn’t care how much money she was given because she didn’t want to accept it.

Due to her stubbornness, she rejected one million-dollar offer for her small property in 2006.

Edith Macefield in 2005.
image credits : Barry Martin

When Edith was questioned why she was so opposed to leave, she responded in a straightforward manner. Relocation had never been on her list of things she wanted to do. She refused to deal with the burden of packing and shifting her stuff. Her sentiments are natural, given that it is a difficult task that many of us would want to avoid.

Several people were impressed by Edith’s love and loyalty to her home. In a city that was fast changing, the house functioned as a point of reference. When you discover a little piece of stability in the midst of all of the craziness that is happening on all of the time, it makes you feel better.

image credits :  inhabitat.com

Because Edith chose not to leave her beloved home, the house has become a cultural landmark in its own right. It’s worth noting that this home served as inspiration for the Pixar film “Up”. After seeing that heartwarming movie, you now realize why even the house manages to touch you.

The sad reality was that Edith’s time in her home and in this world had come to an end, and she was compelled to go. With a long and fruitful life behind her, she died at the grand old age of 87 years.

In the meanwhile, the house has been boarded up and is encircled by an enormous complex.

image credits :  inhabitat.com / earthporm.com

While Edith was alive, she was present at several of the conversations with those who wanted to develop her property. Barry Martin was a key person in her life. He was the project’s construction supervisor, and the developers wanted Edith’s house for that project.

In 2008, after Edith’s death, she bequeathed her home to Barry. This may come as a shock to some, considering Edith’s lengthy history of battling developers and battling to keep her house safe in the midst of the mayhem. Edith’s choice doesn’t seem contentious at all if you grasp her thinking.

image credits : MY BALLARD

Barry, one of Edith’s closest friends, said that she was only worried about maintaining the home as long as she was still alive. In the event she passed away, she couldn’t care less what happened to her possessions. There’s little doubt that Edith wanted the property developed, but she didn’t want it done while she was still alive.

In the meanwhile, the home has been boarded up and is being surrounded by a massive institution. Observing the scene, you may be perplexed as to why such a little piece of land was omitted from the massive building project.

Despite the fact that the home is now boarded up, the developers, Ballard Blocks, have indicated that this would not be the case indefinitely. The announcement has sparked a lot of excitement in the community. It has done all in its ability to ensure that the home and the stories behind it are preserved for future generations.


In the past, the community had considered moving the home to Orcas Island on the back of a barge, but this never came true due to lack of funding. Efforts were made to acquire the house via a communal land trust, but these efforts were also unsuccessful.

No one knows what will happen to the house now that it is in the possession of the developers. Architects have suggested that the house may be integrated into the construction at some point.

The 21st of April, 2018, has been designated as a “No Demolition Day.” Residents in the region were encouraged to attach a balloon to the fence as a symbol of their support for the cause during this event. Every detail of the event went smoothly without a hitch. And Ballard Blocks believes the property’s potential is limitless.

Despite its little size, this small house has been the subject of a fascinating story for so long. As Edith has shown by fighting to save her home for as long as she can, even one individual can make a difference.

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