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8 Ways To Help a Child Get Over Their Jealousy Of a Sibling

According to research, sibling jealousy can lead to aggressive and violent conduct among siblings. Despite the fact that sibling jealousy is a regular phenomenon and so many children go through it. But there are ways to keep your children from feeling jealous.

Viraltrendzs has compiled a list of practical suggestions for preventing jealousy among your children, which we’d like to share with our audience.

1. Accept the feelings of the kid.

According to psychologists, it is critical to acknowledge children’s feelings. As a parent, you must embrace the possibility that your kid is angry, jealous, or depressed. You must accept it and explain to your children that unpleasant feelings are natural, as well as educate them on how to cope with them.

2. Spend time with each of them separately.

Examine how much time you spend with each of your children, both together and separately. Then you’ll be able to tell when the siblings are becoming overwhelmed with one another and when they believe they aren’t getting enough of your attention. When one of your children complains that they aren’t receiving enough of your attention, experts recommend making a date alone for the two of you. Choose a date ahead of time so that the child looks forward to it.

3. Don’t make any comparisons.

Don't make any comparisons.

Never make comparisons between siblings. When you compare one youngster to another, they may believe you prefer one of them over the other. It would not only make them envious, but it will also lower their self-esteem and cause stress in them. Show your kids that you value their uniqueness and love them equally.

4. Make your kid laugh.

Make your kid laugh.

Laughter has various health advantages for people in general. Laughter, among other things, can help people feel less anxious. This strategy, according to psychologists, may be used to deal with sibling envy. When one of your children feels jealous, distract him or her by making him or her laugh. It will calm them down and replace their jealousy with joy.

5. Take away any gender bias.

Take away any gender bias.

The gender of a kid is frequently a factor in how parents treat them. Boys are expected to be tough and not reveal their feelings, while girls are meant to be gentle, timid, and attractive. However, if you don’t allow your son to play with the same item as your daughter because it’s “for girls,” the boy may develop jealousy. Allowing your children to enjoy an experience regardless of their gender is the greatest option. They will no longer be jealous of one another since they will have equal alternatives.

6. Divide responsibilities evenly.

Divide responsibilities evenly.

If the children quarrel, it is impossible that one of them is solely responsible for the dispute. Furthermore, siblings frequently exchange roles as “victim” and “bully.” As a result, experts recommend that parents get to the root of the problem and hold both parties accountable for their behavior.

7. Don’t point the finger at your kid.

Don't point the finger at your kid.

It’s vital, according to experienced educators, not to make your children feel bad in front of one other. Try not to restrict one child for the sake of the other, and be careful with your words. For example, don’t tell your child that he or she can’t play because the baby is sleeping. Instead, come up with an activity, such as painting, that will occupy one kid while allowing the other to nap.

8. Show to them how wonderful it is to have a sibling.

Teachers say that reading books and displaying cartoons about how nice it is to have siblings will help them develop a loving connection. Laura Numeroff’s book What Brothers Do Best, for example, honors elder brothers. The popular film Frozen also emphasizes the significance of the sisterly bond.

Do your kids feel jealous of each other? What other tricks do you have for avoiding jealousy that you’d want to share?

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