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61-Year-Old Grandmother Delivers Her Own Granddaughter

We can always count on our families to be there for us. They help us in conquering the most difficult hurdles that life has to offer without expecting anything in return for their support. We have no doubt that the majority of our parents would do whatever in their power to help us succeed in our aspirations.

When it came to making her child happy, this 61-year-old mother went above and beyond! Cecile Eledge acted as a surrogate mother figure for her son Matthew and his lover Elliot at a difficult time in their lives.

Uma Louise's parents, Matthew Eledge and Elliot Dougherty, and her grandmother, Cecil Eledge, are shown with her.

Because they were so eager to have a baby, they had been planning to start IVF therapy for quite some time. However, Mathew’s mother stunned them all by accepting to be their surrogate mother!

Her previous pregnancies had been fantastic, and Cecile felt confident in her body’s capacity to manage this one as well. The family was concerned about whether or not a doctor would agree to enable the child’s grandma to go through with the procedure as planned.

Their excitement increased when they learned that a reproductive endocrinologist would be willing to aid them with their objective when they eventually met with the physician.

On the day that their daughter was born, Mr. Eledge and Mr. Dougherty were very happy.

Cecile hadn’t been pregnant in more than three decades.

The second issue was that she had gone through menopause more than a decade before this incident. According to The Daily Mail, the procedure started despite the knowledge that these conditions existed.

To be able to start her pregnancy, Cecile had to have a pap smear performed, as well as blood tests and cholesterol checks. She also had to have mammograms and ultrasounds performed before she could become pregnant. The fact that she was pregnant with her grandson made it very necessary that she was in top health. When it came time for the testing, Elliot’s sister wanted to participate in some way, so she donated her eggs!

Cecile Eledge and her granddaughter, Uma

After passing all of Cecile’s tests, she began receiving hormone therapy. On the other hand, Elliot’s sister’s eggs were fertilized by using Mathew’s sperm. Cecile said that she was having difficulties with the implantation process. She was able to conceive on her first try, despite the difficulties she was encountering. Her pregnancy was challenging because of her advanced age, yet she managed it gracefully despite the obstacles.

Pregnancy complications such as morning sickness and high blood pressure did not prevent the arrival of the baby girl, who was named Uma. Moreover, Uma was delivered naturally, without the need for a cesarean section or any other kind of medical intervention.

Mr Dougherty's sister and Uma's egg donor, Lea Yribe, Mr Dougherty, Ms Eledge, and Mr Dougherty

The fathers of the newborns were understandably emotional throughout the delivery procedure and let their tears flow freely.

He can’t express how he feels about his mother, according to the Daily Mail. According to him, she is one of the best in the world. And he expressed his tremendous admiration for her and gratitude that, even as an adult, she continues to go above and above for him.

When he thinks back on how far his mother went in order to make him happy and give him a family, he’s surprised. Additionally, he credits her with moulding him into who he is now; she is magnificent, strong, and a real fighter in his eyes.

Parents Elliot Dougherty and Matthew Eledge get to see their daughter Uma for the first time.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cecile said that the process of giving her son the baby was not painful for her at any point throughout the childbirth process. Throughout her whole time, she thought of the baby girl as her granddaughter. Moreover, the pregnancy had worn her out to the point that she was glad when she was finally able to give the newborn girl over to her loving parents!

Elliot Dougherty and Matthew Eledge with their baby Uma
Family members of the Eledge and Dougherty families on the day of Uma's arrival
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