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5+ Surprising Pregnancy Symptoms You May Not Be Aware Of.

The human body goes through a lot of physical, mental, and psychological changes throughout pregnancy, and keeping track of them may be difficult. These shifts can occur quickly and without warning. We discovered eight odd pregnancy symptoms that may go unnoticed yet indicate the impending arrival of a new baby.

1. Skin tags appear on your body.

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Skin tags are fleshy skin outgrowths that can appear anyplace on your body throughout pregnancy as hormone levels fluctuate or as you put on weight. After having delivery, skin tags usually fade away.

2. Your mouth is dripping with saliva.

Ptyalism gravidarum is characterized by excessive saliva as well as dizziness and vomiting. Although the cause is uncertain, some women who are pregnant require the use of paper cups or tissues to manage excessive saliva.

3. You have a metallic flavor to your food.

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Dysgeusia is a condition that occurs early in pregnancy when food tastes sour and metallic. This awful metallic, sour flavor can be alleviated by eating acidic foods or washing your teeth after brushing with salt or baking soda.

4. You will have sore gums.

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Pregnancy gingivitis is caused by variations in nutrition and hormone levels that produce painful, bleeding gums. This gum disease will go away, but proper dental hygiene and gentle brushing will help to relieve the pain.

5. You have a runny nose.

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Sneezing and a runny nose afflict 20% of pregnant women. Regular exercise, humidifiers, nasal sprays, and decongestants may all help with all these unpleasant conditions.

6. You start to feel short of breath.

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Shortness of breath can occur during the early weeks of pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Practice excellent posture and attentive breathing methods to help you breathe better when pregnant.

7. You have a sharp sense of smell all of a sudden.

Hyperosmia, or extreme sensitivity to smell, is common in pregnant women, particularly when it comes to perfumes, coffee, gasoline, or rotten foods. Hyperosmia, however, is simply a transient condition that goes away after the first trimester.

8. You have a strong desire for non-food objects like rocks or soap.

image credits : Pixabay.com

Cornstarch, uncooked rice, chalk, detergent, and metal have all been reported as desires by pregnant women. Pica, or the desire to devour non-food things, is the term for this need. If you suddenly feel compelled to try a rock, see your doctor immediately away.

Have you or someone you know gone through these symptoms while pregnant? Are there any other unusual pregnancy symptoms you’re aware of? Please let us know in the comments section.

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