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35 Hilarious Memes on Cars To Laugh At When You’re Stuck In Traffic

Having a car (and, of course, being able to drive one) is fantastic. It gives you a great deal of flexibility and independence in your life. However, great liberty comes with enormous responsibility. To yourself, the car, and everyone else on the road.

Viraltrendzs has compiled a list of the funniest and most relatable car memes we could discover on the internet to show you what it’s like to sit in front of the wheel. Here’s what every driver goes through on a regular basis, from dealing with BMW drivers to parallel parking!


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image credits : boredpanda.com

According to a recent survey of 2,000 American car owners, one-quarter believe they incur a risk every time they get on the road because their vehicle is in need of maintenance or no longer functions well.


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With so many vehicles in need of attention, Americans could benefit from a refresher course on how to better care for their vehicles. Sixty-six percent of those polled admitted they have no idea how to change a flat tire.

According to a survey performed by Cooper Tires, over half of American car owners believe they are unable to change their car’s oil, and nearly 30 percent say they are unable to select the correct oil their car requires in the first place.


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While most people prefer to have their car fixed by a mechanic, there’s something to be said for being able to do at least basic repairs yourself. Working with your hands is a pleasurable experience. Not everyone is born with a knack for cars, but we can always improve!

In a post for Family Handyman, Nick Gerhardt suggests that you begin with the simplest tasks and work your way up. Replace your wiper blades or air filter, for example, to get things started. Then you might try changing the bulbs.


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David Tracy, a senior tech editor at Jalopnik and owner of way too many Jeeps, agrees. He recommends buying a junker if you want a crash course in wrenching. It is, according to Tracy, the best method to learn how to fix cars. You’ll be compelled to handle your own repairs, especially if you’re young and/or don’t have much money.

“I hadn’t turned a single wrench when I graduated from high school. I hadn’t changed my oil or replaced my spark plugs “Tracy writes. “I hadn’t even replaced my air filter. I was a complete noob. But when I got to college, I bought a 1992 Jeep Cherokee with 215,000 miles on it, which was a complete wreck.”


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Tracy’s Jeep had rust holes in the rocker panels, a massive exhaust leak, a faulty fuel pump, a bad power steering line, seizing brakes when it got slightly warm outdoors, filthy brown transmission fluid, and leaky gaskets all everywhere. It didn’t deter him, though. Tracy was perplexed. And he didn’t have much of a choice.

“I had no choice but to learn to fix it myself because it was my only automobile and I had spent all of my money on textbooks. I also didn’t have a garage, so I had to do much of my work in parking garages or on the street.”

“I learned the basics with the help of some buddies from a nearby university. They taught me how to replace my valve cover gasket, change my oil, and change my plugs. That was all I needed to get started, just a little bit of direction “Tracy explains.


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“That was the start of my love with wrenching. And now, thanks to my new project, I’m learning even more. You, too, can learn. Just go ahead and buy that Volkswagen Type III Squareback you’ve been eyeing on Craigslist.”

If you get your hands on an ancient VW Type III Squareback, you’ll need to change the oil, inspect the brakes, and perform a simple tune-up. So go out and get your hands on some tools.

“The socket set is the heart of any toolbox, so start there. My first set was from AutoZone, and it was a bargain. It worked fine for light-duty tasks, but when I needed to remove my bumper nuts, I broke ratchets and shearing extensions “Tracy clarifies. “You can get a good socket set for $60 or so at Wal-Mart.”


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Let’s pretend your car isn’t too horrible. So, what’s next? If your ride is (at least) decent and you simply need to know how to change the brakes, YouTube provides the answers.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up how to fix something on YouTube. In fact, to figure out how to remove the engine from my Jeep Cherokee, I watched a YouTube video “Tracy explains.

“YouTube has so much wrenching expertise that it should be one of your first stops when looking for advice on how to fix your car.”

As a result, be careful and use your best judgment. Anyone can submit videos to YouTube, so if someone cuts his brake lines and claims it would improve your gas mileage due to less brake drag, you might want to switch your head on and think about it for a second.


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The next logical step would be to obtain a repair manual, which would provide a step-by-step guide on how to correct the problem. “You can acquire a Chilton or Haynes handbook for approximately $25 at any car parts store, or you may download or buy a printed copy of your car’s factory service manual. These publications may save you a lot of time and effort, particularly when it comes to things like torque specs and fluid capacities,” Tracy recommends.

If you follow these procedures, you should be able to form a stronger link with your car. Of sure, if that’s what you want!


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