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30 Stunning Photographs Of Two Fabulous Cat Models

Photographing cats differs significantly from photographing dogs. And some cat owners believe their cat would “not participate,” “hide the entire time,” or “give the stink eye the entire time”. Monika Malek is a professional cat photographer with two very adorable cat models Filemon and Blania. They are shelter cats. Filemon was two months old when she adopted him, and Blania was six months old when she adopted her.

When those two cats hear the sound of a camera being switched on, they go to Monika meowing and purring, as Monika explained. Monika claims that her cats are miraculous. She says that they can cook, read, sew, foresee the future with a glass ball, and even snap photos! Viraltrendzs has compiled a list of 30 cat photographs captured by Monika that have turned out to be meowsome works of art.

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Monika, like the majority of other cat photographers, has spent a significant amount of time photographing her cat models. As Monika said she had spent a lot of time kneeling down waiting for her pet models to appear or to perform what she wanted. It is not a simple task as she explains. As she says petting the cat isn’t the sole reason but also it is crucial to understand how cats behave to prepare for a better photoshoot. Cats are extremely intelligent and sensitive animals. A cat will occasionally hide under the couch. The cat who was thought to be timid occasionally seeks touch with Monika as she said.



Monika says that Filemon and Blania act like fire and water often. But sometimes they also balance one another pretty well. Filemon is an ego cat, according to Monika. Filemon believes his purpose in life is to hurl stuff out of cupboards. He’s hungry all the time.

On the other side, Blania is a walking disaster. She has thrown something at herself by mistake many times. And she also sniffs goodies at the box’s furthest corner. Monika believes that they are both extremely intelligent. Also, she has trained them many commands like Sit, Meerkat, Look at me, Give me a paw, High five, and Turn around.




Monika had been undecided about what she wanted to do for a long time. However, she found that photographing Filemon had made her calmer, quieter, and more at peace herself. The start of her profession had been the most trying period of her life. However, it has now evolved into a form of therapy for her.

No one has ever informed her that what she is doing is wrong until now. And they never grumbled about being fat in the photo or preferring their right side of the face. Monika’s trust in cats has been restored. She now feels as if she belongs with them. She prefers to be alone and pursue her own interests. Monika admires them for the fact that when they meow “no,” they are actually thinking “no”.




She has been conditioning her pictures since the beginning. When they sat where she wanted them to, she thanked them verbally and gave them treats. During the photoshoots, she had interacted with them regularly to reassure them that everything was well and to express her appreciation for their efforts.

Cats, as Monika points out, are quite skilled at sensing our emotions, and they don’t want to be near us when we’re upset. Her cats now consider photo shoots to be a part of their everyday routine. She’s also seen that if they don’t receive their photos within a week, they become irritated.

When she goes around the table, cuts cardboard props, or brings props to the table, she sees their excitement. They usually roam between her legs and crawl onto the table during the preparation. She says that they would definitely ask “How long do we have to wait, Mother?” if they could. Monika is always attempting to provide them with snacks prepared with the best quality ingredients. And she uses them on a regular basis.




Do you want to learn how to photograph cats well? What a fortunate break! Monika Malek is ready to release her book on catography. (However, it will be available exclusively in Polish.) She’d spent the previous few months working on that project writing, shooting, and so on. According to her statement on Boredpanda, it will be available to buy on October 21st. She believes she might still use her pictures to demonstrate to others that cats are gorgeous and intelligent creatures.



















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