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2,300-Year-Old Scythian Woman’s Boot Found In Altai Mountains

Tourists and history buffs have a strong attraction to the historic characteristics. Although numerous new discoveries have been made recently, certain historical aspects continue to astound us. Planned obsolescence has become the standard in the era of quick fashion in which cheap materials and bad craftsmanship are commonplace.  How surprising to find a fashionable women’s footwear that is designed to endure, like, 2300 years.

The Altai Mountains of Siberia were home to an old pair of women’s shoes unearthed in 1948. When you look at the vintage shoe, you can tell it was made for women because of the bedazzled patterns and the soft red leather. Also believed to be roughly 2,300 years old. The shoe seems to have been preserved in the Altai Mountains for an extended length of time. Even more valuables were uncovered after the shoe was discovered, including weapons, jewels, and food.

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image credits: State Hermitage Museum

People from the Scythian nomadic tribe had been found in all corners of Eurasia. An ancient Scythian burial site in the Scottish highlands is where the shoe was found, and archaeologists think it belonged to the people buried there. It also seems that, like other ancient societies, they buried the dead with their things in the expectation that it would help them on their way to a better position in the afterlife.


image credits :  Wikimedia Commons

In the meanwhile, they had constructed a large cabin out of wood and buried the corpses within it, along with their valuables. History says these nomadic people socialized by kneeling before a fire and therefore everyone could see each other’s shoes. In addition, some scholars believe that the shoe was created for burial because of its neat and tidy appearance. The shoe is presently on exhibit in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, as part of the museum’s ancient artifact collection.


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