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19 Historical Photographs That Aroused Public Outrage.

When it comes to the 1900s, ladies may certainly recall a time when wearing long skirts and dresses that covered the entire body down to below the elbow was not the standard. These are the photographs that propelled the feminist movement because the oppression women faced was out of the ordinary. Why was it considered inappropriate for women to run the marathon? Why was it considered inappropriate to wear shorts?

You have been forewarned that these images may lead you to get irritated. But, at the very least, we’ve made it through all of those times! Women now enjoy the right to vote, work in the same fields as men, and get paid maternity leave. Everyone has the freedom to pursue their own hobbies and interests, regardless of their social standing or gender.

You may compare how the world worked before and today by scrolling down to see these photos. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon in 1967. It took place five years before women were allowed to participate. An organizer is attempting to remove her from the scene.

During the Melbourne races, English supermodel Jean Shrimpton is dressed in a minidress. In 1965, her dress created quite a stir among the attendees.

In 1965, these two girls wore miniskirts in Capetown.

Maud Wagner, the first known female tattoo artist, had tattoos all over her body. (1907)

These schoolgirls are riding home to change their clothes since their school has forbidden tight-fitting trousers, plaid-pushers, and shorts. (1953, West Berlin)

Members of the British women’s suffrage movement fought for women’s right to vote. (1906, London).

Yves Saint Laurent “gifted” ladies the most masculine attire, the tuxedo, in 1966. Pantsuits were not permitted in restaurants for his renowned models. An outfit like this was viewed as a blatant provocation.

A professional swimmer, film actress, and writer, Annette Kellermann, poses in a swimsuit. In 1907, she was detained and accused with indecent conduct.

There was a specific league in the United States comprised of obsessive morality proponents who battled indecent swimwear. In this snapshot from the 1920s, actress Lila Lee is dressed in a classic swimming suit.

This woman has been detained for wearing a swimsuit and exposing her legs. (Chicago, 1922).

Elizabeth Eckford was one of a group of African-American students who became the school’s first black pupils. This photograph was taken in 1957, shortly after the United States Supreme Court decided that segregation of children in schools was illegal.

Billie Jean King was a professional tennis player who set a record for the most Wimbledon victories and was the pioneer of equal rights for men and women in tennis.

Maria Teresa de Filippis was a racing driver from Italy. She was the first female Formula One driver.

Senda Berenson was a pioneer of women’s basketball in the United States. She also changed the current men’s basketball regulations, which were created in 1891.

Hedy Lamarr was an actress and inventor from the United States who defied stereotypes about attractive women and science. We now have cellular communication thanks to her idea.

In protest of longer skirts and padded hips, members of the “Women’s Organization to the War on Styles” picketed a clothing store. (California, 1947).

Rosa Parker’s fingerprints were collected after she was arrested for refusing to ride in the rear of a bus “for white people” (Alabama, 1956).

Mary Quant was a designer who revolutionized women’s fashion by introducing the miniskirt.

Paul Poiret was a French fashion designer who pioneered the removal of corsets from women’s clothing.

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