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17 Things in a woman that no guy can resist.

Sexiness in a woman may be mysterious yet straightforward. It’s something we all have from the time we’re born, yet some women don’t know how to utilize it.

We at Viraltrendzs remembered a few tactics that any woman may use and that guys can’t seem to get enough of.

1# When a woman bites her lower lip gently.

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When children are enthusiastic or scared, they perform a similar gesture: they bite their lower lip, which makes their entire picture more touching. A guy will feel affectionate toward you, and your lips will catch his attention at the same time.

2# Smooth skin.

Nothing is more enticing than a woman with flawless skin. Women in ancient civilizations such as the Romans and Egyptians began to remove body hair for a purpose.

3# Hairstyle that is strict.

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To begin with, such a haircut makes your entire image more businesslike while also being sexy. Your neck and ears, which are typically hidden by your hair, are also visible.

4# An unique appearance.

When a man sees a lady that stands out, he wants to learn more about her. Isn’t it true that creative individuals attract everyone? Tattoos or blue hair may be an excellent way to strike up a discussion.

#5 When a lady wears a man’s shirt.

image credits : glamourmagazine

“I want your shirt near to my body,” she says, wearing his clothing. The man realizes that she is referring to him as well as his clothing.

6# A peek behind the shoulder.

A secretive glance behind the shoulder has its own power. Advertising posters from the previous century depict beauty gazing at us in this manner for a reason.

7# Self-confidence

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When a woman who recognizes her own beauty walks into a room, she quickly captures the attention of all the males there. But it’s critical not to allow self-assurance to turn into overconfidence since there’s nothing more unattractive.

8# Styles with bare shoulders.

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Men’s desire to embrace and protect is heightened by rounded, sloping shoulders. A style that exposes a woman’s shoulders also adds delicacy and sexiness to her appearance.

9# A lovely walk in heels.

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Some women despise heels, while others can’t fathom their lives without them. If a lady chooses to wear high heels, she must ensure that her stride is smooth and attractive. Otherwise, their enchantment will be broken completely.

10# A sexy voice.

image credits : allposters

Men are seduced by Marilyn Monroe’s rich, breathy voice. Her contemporaries said it had the same effect on males as Viagra.

11# Full lips.

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One of the most well-known indicators of a woman’s beauty is her mildly plump, brilliant lips. Just keep in mind that pursing your lips on purpose will almost certainly detract from your appearance.


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Elegance strikes the right balance between displaying and hiding a woman’s sexiness. Elegance encompasses a woman’s entire appearance, from her attitude to her accessory choices.

13# Sports Leggings

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Leggings draw emphasis to the shape of a woman’s body. They appear more natural at a gym or on a run than they do in a store. This is just another reason why women should exercise.

14# Freckles

image credits : abradabra

They have a very feminine appearance, conjure up childhood memories, and fit a wide range of ladies. Unfortunately, girls often want to get rid of freckles because they see them as a flaw.

15# Natural makeup

Natural makeup
image credits : kyliejenner

Natural beauty, rather than many layers of foundations and blushes, appeals to the stronger half of mankind. They claim they like it when we don’t use makeup, and we’ll keep it a secret even if we’re wearing a thin coating of BB-cream on our skin and mascara on our eyelashes.

16# Glasses

Wearing glasses.
image credits : lol24

Glasses add a level of strictness and inaccessibility to our image, which draws men like a magnet. Furthermore, you may play with this item in a flirty manner. And then there was that gaze over the spectacles…

17# Honest laughs and smiles.

image credits : livingly

Many young women are concerned that a broad smile would harm their appearance. In truth, all men like women who freely and honestly express their feelings.

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