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15 Photos Where Mother Nature Exposed Her Artistic Talent.

Mother Nature and her beautiful creations are the sources of our insatiable curiosity. If a tomato having bunny ears, a mushroom that resembles a small owl, a pear with a grumpy face, and a doggie with its own “cat” on its back don’t impress you, we’re not sure what will.

We at Viraltrendzs admire Mother Nature and her incredible ability once again, as seen by these 15 photographs on Reddit, which we can’t wait for you all to see.

1. This kitty has a lot more toe beans than most cats.

This kitty has a lot more toe beans than most cats.
image credits :  thelemonx/Reddit
This kitty has a lot more toe beans than most cats.
image credits :  thelemonx/Reddit

2. “A bunny-eared tomato from my vegetable bed”

image credits : MonaLisa341/Reddit

3. Sunflowers may grow up to this height.

4. “This distorted corn was the only one in the lot that looked that way.”

image credits :  angel143486/Reddit

5. “My grandfather proudly displaying his enormous homegrown cabbage”

image credits : mosesmoorhouse/Reddit

6. A rock that resembles a Pablo Picasso artwork.

image credits : jonofthesouth/Reddit

7. It’s difficult to believe, but this really is a mushroom.

image credits : Spudnut/Reddit

8. This is also a mushroom!

image credits : laudida/Reddit

9. “I discovered a mushroom that resembles a little owl.”

image credits : miss421/Reddit

10. “This pear has the appearance of a grumpy old man.”

image credits : DarkMutton/Reddit

11. “This goose-shaped piece of driftwood”

image credits :  JohnnyCashMoneyGreen/Reddit

12. In my garden, I had a spiral cucumber.

image credits : pony85490/Reddit

13. “On my hefty dog’s back, there’s a cat’s picture, and they appear to share a tail.”

image credits : goodtwos/Reddit

14. “This strange lemon that sprouted on our lemon tree”

image credits :  phantomplayerone/Reddit

15. “I discovered this large orange mushroom today.”

image credits : SirT***alot/Reddit

What is the strangest thing Mother Nature has ever done for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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